What Is Channeling?

Channeling is a process by which a human connects with a being of higher energetic vibration (think an angel, being of light, or spirit guide) to receive guidance and wisdom. Some people channel only for themselves; I choose to offer channeling to others.

I work with beings of light called Shiva and Pietkela, whose compassionate guidance has brought me a long way in my own healing journey. Shiva is very warm and compassionate, and thanks to years of working with me comes across as almost human. Sometimes he even makes jokes! Pietkela is more obviously not-human and can be abrupt at times, but he’s learning through the experience of working with me and has access to an extremely broad base of wisdom and understanding. You’ll be able to choose which of them you would prefer to speak with for your channeling sessions; for your guide connection session and optional channeling instruction, Pietkela will work with us.

Let us help you as you embrace your inner power and create a life in your highest benefit!

Channeling is not communicating with the dead; I won’t be able to tell you anything about friends or family members who have passed away. (That’s mediumship, and there are wonderful trained mediums who can help you if this is what you’re seeking.) It also isn’t a psychic reading.

12-Week Guided Transformation

A single channeling session can bring you great benefit and clarity in your journey to heal and create the life you want. But what if you have more questions? What if you want more time?

Imagine having the support and guidance to identify the things you want to change and chart a course for changing them. Seeing how to change our own lives is always harder than helping others see how to change theirs. How much of a difference might it make to you to have ongoing guidance and support?

In our 12-week Guided Transformation program, you’ll be able to work with Shiva, Pietkela, and me over a period of time to receive coaching, guidance, and compassion. We’ll help you identify aspects of your mindset and life to change as you progress in your healing journey and create your most beneficial life, and we’ll facilitate your connection with your own guides so you can receive their guidance as you continue to grow!

The program includes:
A planning session with me (and input from my guides) to determine what you want to work on during your time with us

♦ Six 1-hour OR twelve 30-minute channeling sessions

♦ A guide connection session to help you start working intentionally with your own guides

♦ Two distance energy healing sessions

♦ A 30% discount of the cost of a channeling instruction session if you wish to have one

♦ My email availability five days a week for questions or concerns for the duration of your program

This program is a commitment and investment of time and energy for both of us. Because of this, I ask that we have a free 30-minute inquiry call so you can ask any questions you have about the program and we can determine whether we’re a good fit to work together.

Investment for the program is $1745 prepaid; payment arrangements are available and can be discussed during the inquiry call.


Use my online calendar or Contact Me to schedule your free inquiry call!