Energy Healing Sessions

Feeling stressed? Out of balance? Just want to relax? An energy healing session can help restore clarity and balance and allow you to unlock the power to heal!

During an energy healing session, I tap into Universal energy and your own energy system’s inherent healing power to repair energetic flaws caused by illness, injury, trauma, and stress. These experiences can create blocks or imbalances in your energy, which in turn cause issues in various aspects of your life. I practice a modality called Chios, but at times use other techniques as well based on guidance I receive from my guides and yours. I will inform you during the session if I use techniques that are not part of Chios.

Energy healing brings relaxation, restoration, and clarity by removing the blocks and rebalancing your energy system, and this can lead to improvements in focus and in other parts of your life. It isn’t a cure-all and I don’t treat or diagnose medical conditions, but by repairing your energy system, your body’s own innate power to heal can be activated. 

Due to current circumstances, I only perform energy healing by distance, with consultation over Zoom before and after the energy work. Distance work is equally as effective as hands-on, and some previous clients  experienced more benefit from a distance session than an in-person one! A distance session is $125 and lasts approximately one hour including consultation.

I intend to resume offering in-person sessions by the end of 2021.


Use my online calendar or Contact Me to schedule your session!


Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or mental health care, but rather a supplementary practice. River Lightbearer is not a licensed medical or mental health professional and will not provide diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Clients are urged to continue with any treatment they are currently receiving in addition to energy healing services. Any negative consequences of choosing to suspend or end other health care treatment is the sole responsibility of the client.