Chios Energy Healing Instruction

People have told you you’re a natural healer, and you feel drawn to helping others heal. As a Chios® energy healing practitioner, you can bring balance and peace to your clients while helping them improve their overall well-being and supporting them in creating their best life. Chios® is easy and rewarding to learn, and I would love to guide you through the process!

Chios Energy Healing consists of three levels.

In Level 1, you learn the basics of energy healing and the human energy system, as well as introductory Chios techniques. Level 1 instruction lasts 4 hours total, generally broken into weekly 1-hour meetings. We can discuss other ways to structure the time.

Level 2 teaches more advanced techniques and awards the title of Certified Chios Healing Practitioner. Level 2 instruction lasts 6 hours total.

Level 3 teaches additional techniques, including methods for healing energetic damage from past lives, and awards the title of Certified Chios Master Teacher. Level 3 instruction lasts 8 hours total.

If you have not previously had a Chios Healing session with me or any other Chios practitioner, I require students to have one prior to beginning Level 1 so you are familiar with the experience before beginning instruction, and offer this session at a 50-75% discount from my usual rate.

Instruction through RiverEvolutions includes:
♦ The attunement (a brief energy procedure which enables you to open more fully to energy flow) for each level in which you enroll. Attunements are not required but are strongly recommended, and the investment for instruction remains the same with or without an attunement.

♦ 25% off the cost of any Chios session with me while you’re enrolled

♦Weekly hour-long meetings with me to discuss your progress. If you want to accelerate your progress, twice-weekly meetings are also available.

♦ Email availability five days a week between meetings to answer your questions and concerns

♦ Supplementary instruction about the chakras and energy system

♦ Mindset coaching around your abilities and skill as an energy healer

♦ If you choose to go into practice, a link from my website to yours

When you enroll in each level separately, investment is $500 for Level 1, plus $50 for your Chios session if you have not previously had one; $750 for Level 2; and $1000 for Level 3. Enrollment for all three levels up front is $1895 prepaid plus $25 for your Chios session if you have not previously had one, a savings of $405!

The 3-level option is available only if paying in full; if you are unable to make that investment in full, please enroll in each level individually.

To discuss enrollment or get more information, please use my online calendar or Contact Me to set up a free 30-minute inquiry call.

Congratulations on your choice to become a healer!

Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement.