We all have the power within ourselves to heal from our pasts and create the most beneficial life possible. I would love to help you gain clarity on your most beneficial path and clear the blocks keeping you from fully embracing your inner creative power.



Through channeling sessions, you’ll be able to speak with a higher-vibrational being to receive guidance and compassion in your path. You have the option of what type of session you’d like to receive and which of my guides you would like to speak with. Visit the Channeling Sessions page for more information!

I also offer guide connection sessions in which my guide Pietkela and I assist you in consciously connecting with your guide of highest energetic vibration, and channeling instruction in which we help you connect with and learn to channel your guide. Visit the Guide Connection and Channeling Instruction page to find out more!

If you want longer-term guidance and support rather than a single session, my 12-week Guided Transformation Program might be right for you. In this program, you’ll receive 12 hours of channeling sessions (your choice of six 1-hour sessions or twelve 30-minute sessions) along with a guide connection session, two energy healing distance sessions, coaching from me, and a discount on channeling instruction if you feel called to learn. Visit the Guided Transformation Program page to learn more!


You may also schedule a free 30-minute inquiry call to discuss how we can work together!







Energy Healing

Energy healing helps restore balance and clarity to your mind and body by removing blocks and restoring flow to your energy field and energy centers (chakras). We’ll consult about what you want and need to receive from a session, and then you’ll simply relax and be open to receiving while I channel Universal energy to you. Sessions can be done by distance with consultation over Zoom, or in person in northeastern Massachusetts. (As of 8/1/21, distance sessions are still preferred.) Visit the Energy Healing page to find out more!

I also teach a highly effective modality called Chios, in which I am a Certified Master Teacher. If you’re seeking to learn a modality that will add benefit to the services you provide, Chios might be right for you. Private instruction is available, with weekly one-on-one meetings with me over Zoom. Visit the Energy Healing Instruction page for more information!


You may also schedule a free 30-minute inquiry call to learn how we can work together!