In last week’s post, I discussed some changes and additions I’m planning for RiverEvolutions over the coming year. But why do I feel the need to change things?

There are several reasons. First, and maybe logically given the type of business I’m in, I operate partly by intuition. What feels right for me? What do I feel most called to do? If services I’m offering no longer resonate for me, I’m not bringing myself or my clients any benefit by continuing to offer them. Similarly, if I feel called to offer a service and see a need for it among the people I know, but I choose not to offer it, I’m not benefiting anyone.

Most of the changes I’m making or considering are because of this. I want to offer services and resources that I feel confident about and that bring me a sense of joy and also bring benefit to clients and students. If I don’t follow the guidance I receive from my own intuition, from my guides, and from other sources, I’m left with a business that feels heavy and unpleasant to me, and that comes across to people who might otherwise consider working with me.

Also, I am my business. It is me. It isn’t a separate thing from me, but another aspect. And as I grow, change, and learn new things, my business is going to grow and change accordingly. Nothing in life is stagnant; as my guide Shiva often says, the only two constants in the universe are change and love. 

On a more mundane note, some of the services I was offering either aren’t wanted or don’t lend themselves easily to being provided during a pandemic. While I can–and do–offer those services over Zoom, some people prefer to have things like energy healing sessions in person. 

I’m not eliminating energy healing or channeling sessions, but some of the other things I’m planning are as easily done, and as beneficial, online as in person. I hope, as I’m sure many people do, that the pandemic will wind down and in-person sessions, events, etc. will be possible again soon. 

But in addition to considering things I can offer online while in-person isn’t as feasible, I’m also finding that I enjoy working in my home at my computer. I will be resuming offering in-person sessions, and probably some in-person workshops and classes, as soon as it’s safe and possible to do so, but I also want to offer more options that people can access online, both for my benefit and so I’ll be able to serve more clients since location won’t be an obstacle.

For much of my life, and especially over the past 15 years or so, I’ve thrived on change. Nothing stays the same in life, and when you choose to take control of the changes that happen for you, you can create amazing things. That’s what I’m hoping to do with the next chapter of RiverEvolutions.

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