In 2006, my close friend and mentor, who had been teaching me energy healing, started teaching me about channeling. I’d never heard of it before, and I didn’t really know what to expect when my friend offered me a channeling session with his guide.

For starters, I didn’t know what a “guide” was, so I asked for my friend to explain. Basically, he told me, every human has certain beings that work with them to help them through life. Much of the time, the human isn’t even aware the beings are there. But if you’ve ever heard “a little voice” in your mind advising you or warning you about something, for example “Don’t take that road!”, you’ve heard one of your guides.

Guides are beings with a higher energetic vibration than humans and no actual physical form, though they might choose to give humans a mental image of a physical form because we humans tend to be more comfortable with physical things. There are a number of beings who fit this description. What makes a guide a guide is the being’s desire to bring benefit to humans, and their ability to connect with at least one human in order to bring that benefit. Some guides work directly with one and only one human during that person’s lifetime, or have direct connections with only one or a few people; others communicate with any human who is open and able to hear them.

One of the most important qualities of a guide, as opposed to certain other beings and entities, is that they are benevolent. They are interested in the highest benefit of the humans with whom they work. If a being is telling you to do something harmful, or is insulting you and calling your names (as a being who connected with another friend of mine did), they are not your guide, and they are not who they say they are.

Beings who might act as guides include spirit guides, angels, and beings of light. Beings of light have the highest energetic vibration, and this was the type of being my friend was offering to channel for me. Being curious, and at that point needing all the help I could get, I accepted.

It was… interesting. My friend was a trance channel. He didn’t just pass along what his guide said. He went into trance and allowed his guide’s consciousness to directly enter his body and speak through him. (The other common form of channeling is what I call relayed channeling, where the human listens to what the guide has to say and then passes it along. This isn’t always as effective, since in relayed channeling whatever the guide says is being filtered through the human’s consciousness, and sometimes the human’s censorship.) Hearing a voice that was both familiar and unfamiliar, with much different phrasing from what my friend used, was surreal, to say the least, but the energy emanating from him was overwhelmingly positive, to the point that it almost made me uncomfortable. And what he said to me was unquestionably helpful.

Over time, I continued having sessions with my friend and his guide. I never quite reached the point of being comfortable when my friend’s guide first “arrived,” but I did manage to become comfortable more quickly each time, and even started considering the guide as much of a friend as I did the human.

Just as my friend taught me Chios, he–and his guide–also taught me trance channeling and helped me reopen the connection, which had been forged when I was a very young child, with my primary guide. Since then, I’ve been offering channeling to others, and it’s something I love doing. It’s becoming more and more the focus for RiverEvolutions, and I currently have openings for clients both for channeling sessions and for guide connection sessions in which my guide Pietkela and I lead you through consciously connecting with your own guide. You can find out more on my Channeling page.

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