What Is a Guide?

In the Universe, we are far from the only sentient beings who exist. Humans actually are a very small percentage of all the consciousnesses in the Universe, and we’re only aware of the existence of a few of the other types of beings.

Many of those beings are aware of us. Some of them are curious about humans, or intrigued by us, or simply want to observe and see what we do. They don’t choose to work with humans, and some aren’t even particularly interested in us. However, some do want to interact with us and even work with us closely.

Most of these beings want to benefit us. To help us grow and evolve as a species and as individuals. They’re on their own path of spiritual growth and development, and working with humans is part of that path. Some beings interact with multiple humans, simply providing messages and information through whatever means are available. Others choose to work closely with one or a very few individual humans.

As humans go through their lives, sometimes we get stuck. We need guidance or information. We could benefit from advice and suggestions. We also live lives in which sometimes we face dangerous situations, whether or not we’re aware of the danger at the time. Something as simple as taking a walk or driving a car can lead to negative results.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone with us all the time who could give us that guidance and advice? Someone to keep an eye on us and steer us away from danger, and support us through the aftermath of situations we aren’t able to avoid?

Those are the roles of a guide. Guides are beings who have chosen to continue their own spiritual growth and progression by working directly with individual humans. A guide both teaches a human and learns from them, because working with a guide isn’t a one-way street. Even though guides are more spiritually developed and have higher energetic vibrations than humans, they aren’t better than us, and they have as much to gain from working with us as we have from working with them.

As I’ve been taught, the term “guide” applies only to a being who is connected and works with an individual human. While other beings offer guidance to us, if they communicate with a variety of humans or act as part of a collective rather than as an individual, they aren’t referred to as guides. But that’s only how I was taught by other humans and by my own guides, and honestly, labeling is a human thing. The beings aren’t hung up on whether we call them guides or something else, or how broadly we apply the term “guide.”

The types of beings that most commonly act as guides to individual humans are spirit guides, light beings, and beings of light. In next week’s post, I’ll explain these types of beings, as well as other beings who communicate with humans but don’t act as guides, and how to know whether you’ve connected with a benevolent being.

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