One of the things I help my clients do is gain access to the higher-vibration wisdom, compassion, and support of their guides. Guides are beings of high energetic vibration who work with humans to help us in our spiritual and other growth; the work also benefits our guides as part of their spiritual growth. Our guides are always with us, but many of us aren’t aware of them.

When I talk about helping clients connect with their guides, I don’t mean I’m helping them create the connection between them and these beings. That connection is already there. Rather, I’m facilitating the client becoming consciously aware of the connection.

Being consciously connected with your guides allows you to speak to them and receive their responses at any time. It means you know for certain that you’re supported and can ask for guidance and assistance in any area of your life. For some people, it also means learning to channel for other people.

Our guides watch over and protect us throughout our lives. Sometimes they’ve been doing so for multiple human lifetimes. But without being conscious of the connection, we’re less able to receive and recognize their guidance. Having the conscious connection gives us someone we can knowingly work with to create a more beneficial life.

A connection session with me lasts about 30-45 minutes and helps you create the conscious bond with your primary guide, who will, over time, help you create a conscious bond with other guides you may have. I offer these sessions privately over Zoom. I’m also offering a connection class today (August 31), and will repeat that class periodically for those who are interested.

If you want to learn more on your own about consciously connecting with your guides, I recommend the book Opening to Channel, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer and their guides, Orin and DaBen.

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