What Can Channeling Do?

Channeling is a process in which a human connects with a being of higher energetic vibration to receive wisdom, guidance, and compassion. It can be something as simple as having a mental conversation with that being, or as complex as entering a trance state to allow the being’s energy to enter your body and speak through you.

Some people channel only for themselves. They’ve connected with their guides–the beings of higher vibration with whom they have a soul-level agreement to work closely–and are able to have mind-to-consciousness conversations with them. The person might need to be in a light trance state for this to happen. For me, since I’ve been working with my guides since early childhood, it’s just a matter of saying something to them and “listening” for them to respond.

Some people channel for others as well. This might be through relayed channeling, where the person hears what their guide wants to say and passes it along to whomever they’re channeling for, either verbally or in writing. It could also be through trance channeling, in which the person enters a trance state and allows the guide to speak, write, or type through them. Either form of channeling takes time to learn and practice, and I recommend having some training in it before starting to ensure the highest safety and benefit for you and anyone you channel for.

Channeling isn’t meant to predict your future or tell you how to live your life. It’s intended to give you guidance and options. The guides I work with, and the ones I’m familiar with through reading and through connecting with other channels, don’t want to run our lives. They want to help humans learn to take responsibility for our own lives and make decisions that will benefit us.

In a session with a channel, or if you’re speaking with your own guides, you might receive advice and suggestions about how to manage situations you’re facing. You might be given some possibilities for your future, but not detailed, definite predictions. The guide will answer the questions you have, sometimes even the ones you haven’t spoken, without giving you information you aren’t ready to hear. And no matter what a guide tells you, you will receive compassion and support, because that’s part of the primary purpose of guides.

Sometimes that compassion and support is of more benefit than the guide’s words, because many of us haven’t had that in our lives before. Sometimes, having someone listen and validate us and our experiences is the most beneficial thing we can receive, and guides are pleased to do that for us.

Working with a guide, whether regularly with your own guides or through having one or more sessions with a channel, can enable you to see the best course for your life and embrace your power to follow that path. And you’ll do so with the highest support and love.

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