From “The noun discernment describes a wise way of judging between things, or a particularly perceptive way of seeing things.”

As humans, we judge things–and each other, unfortunately–all the time. But for some reason when it comes to receiving readings, channeled messages, etc., some of us suspend judgment and just go with whatever the practitioner says, even if it doesn’t feel right to us.

Just because someone is a practitioner, and no matter how much they’ve trained, they don’t know everything. The service they provide might be colored by their own perspectives and beliefs; it’s difficult to be one hundred percent objective. And even in the most objective reading or session, the practitioner doesn’t know you as well as you know yourself. They can’t know whether what they say will resonate for you or be correct for you.

In channeling, even those who usually use their discernment sometimes ignore the little niggle of “this isn’t quite right” on the basis that they’re listening to a higher-vibrational being rather than another human. People might believe that these beings know everything, or at least a lot more than we do, and therefore must always be right even if what they say doesn’t *feel* right.

My guides do know a lot more than I do. They have access to a broader perspective and wider range of knowledge than humans. But that doesn’t mean they know everything. They tell me the only being who knows everything is the Ultimate Source (or whatever term you use); no other being, no matter how high-vibration or close to Source, knows it all.

Because of that, when someone has a channeling session with us, whichever guide is working with me (Shiva or Pietkela) often will tell them to use their discernment and even to reject anything that doesn’t feel accurate or beneficial. Guides have no desire to force us to listen or to “pull rank,” so to speak, and present themselves as authorities solely because they’re at a higher level than we are. They want to help us find the answers within ourselves, and that might mean ignoring or rejecting what they tell us in favor of trusting our own intuition and inner knowing.

I’ve encountered several people over the years who either didn’t receive benefit or were flat out harmed in some way by previous readings or other types of sessions because they didn’t trust themselves. “The practitioner told me to do this, and it didn’t feel right to me, but I figured they must know what they were talking about so I did it anyway.”

No matter who you’re working with–human or higher being–and no matter what type of session you’re receiving, you are the one with the ultimate power to determine whether it’s working for you and whether it’s right for you. Use that power. Trust yourself to know, even if the other person seems to know more than you.

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