The Point of Channeling

In last week’s post, I explained a little about what channeling is. This week, I wanted to talk about what the *point* of channeling is.

Channeling is part of a spiritual path both for the human channel and for the being they channel. It’s intended as connection and as a tool for learning, growth, and sometimes healing. When you are connected with your guides, whether you channel simply by having conversations with them or channel for others, it’s meant to give you access to a broader perspective and broader compassion and understanding.

Channeling isn’t about having power over others, or being superior to them. And it isn’t about getting rich. That isn’t to say that channels “shouldn’t” charge for their services. Obviously I don’t believe that, or I wouldn’t offer channeling sessions as part of RiverEvolutions. But I don’t offer channeling so I can earn money, and it definitely isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. (Believe me. If it was about money and power, as a recent troll accused me of, I wouldn’t be living in a tiny apartment in a dangerous neighborhood.)

I offer channeling because of the difference it’s made for me in my life. The guidance and compassion I’ve received from my guides has helped me in my healing journey and has brought me a deeper understanding of myself, my spiritual path, and other people. I want to share this with others because I want to help them achieve the same healing, growth, and progress, and to bring them that guidance and compassion. I choose to ask for payment for my services because of the investment of time and energy I’ve made into learning how to channel, building my skills, and into each session, but that isn’t my main focus or purpose.

Channeling is a process for spiritual growth and for learning and healing. For connecting with your own inner power. And, sometimes, for helping others do the same.

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