Not that I’ve polled guides. That would be a lot of work, especially since I generally only talk to my own.

Lately, I’ve read a few books that either are channeled material or include some channeling along with what was written by the human author. One thing that has struck me is how many times I’ve read part of the channeled material and said, “Hey, my guides say this exact same thing!”

It’s interesting to me how many messages and truths really are universal. I know one of the authors, but the rest are people I’ve never met and am not likely to meet in the future. I haven’t heard them talk about their guides or read channeled material from them before. Even with the author I know, I didn’t realize she channeled until I read her book. So it isn’t as if I and these other authors got together and collaborated on what messages to share.

Of course, it’s possible that our guides got together to collaborate. Time and space works differently for discarnate beings. My guides Shiva and Pietkela tell me they communicate with a “vast array” of other beings, so maybe they have talked to the beings who were channeled by the authors I’ve been reading. I don’t know. I’m speculating; Shiva and Pietkela tell me I tend to overanalyze things.

The point is that some messages are shared broadly by a number of humans, from their guides and from their own inner knowing. To me, that means these things are true no matter who or where you are. Things like accepting and having compassion for one another while not accepting hatred and harm. Learning to play and find joy in things again, if you’re one who has lost that ability, or continuing to play and find joy if you’re one who has always done so. Trusting yourself, believing in your power to heal from your experiences, and honoring all aspects of yourself whether “dark” or “light.”

I get excited when I read something channeled by another person that is similar to–or even exactly the same as–things I’ve channeled from Shiva, Pietkela, and my other guides, because I’m someone who likes to see what I believe. I know my guides are real. I know their messages are true. But it’s still nice to see someone else sharing the same messages from their guides. To see that some things are true across the board, even if you’re very different from the other people saying it.

Plus it’s just fun for me to be able to say, “Hey, my guides say that!”

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