Now Available: Messages from Shiva!

My first book of channeled material, Messages from Shiva, vol. 1, is now available on Amazon! The book is available for Kindle, and the print version will be available soon!

Since August 2020, I’ve channeled daily messages from my guide Shiva and have posted them on Facebook. In fall 2020, I realized I needed to create at least one book of those messages. I compiled a few months’ worth and arranged them by theme and topic, and now the finished product is here!

I’m very thankful to the people who supported me in this, especially Elizabeth Silver for her formatting work and Lex Valentine for the gorgeous cover art.

To enter to win a free print or Kindle copy of the book, comment below with which format you prefer. I’ll use a randomizer to choose one Kindle copy winner and one print copy winner on May 31.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Your knowing is valid. Within you is more understanding and wisdom than that for which you give yourself credit.

However, be mindful. Your knowing is valid, but you are not one who has access to all of the knowledge of the Universe. Share and trust what you know, but guard against arrogance and closed-mindedness. This is the “double-edged sword,” so to speak, of being an infinite being contained within a finite form. Not all that you know is true and correct, but you have more knowledge of what is true and correct than you realize. Simultaneously, what you know to be true and correct may not be so for everyone, for some truth is subjective.

Share what you know when you feel called to do so, but respect and honor that others hold vast knowledge within themselves as well, and they are not required to heed what you say. Believing that you know more or know better than others is ego and hubris, and benefits no one.

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