The Guide Book

Where Are Guides? Who Are Guides? Why Are Guides?


Guides are beings of higher energetic vibration who choose to work with humans. Throughout our lives, and even through multiple lifetimes, our guides support and encourage us, even when we’re unaware of them.

Learn more about these beings, why they work with us, and how to know they’re with you.


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The Yule Yikes


Yule is one of Kestrel’s favorite times of year. The lights, the decorations, the food, the family time, all bring her joy.

But this year, someone is trying to take away Kestrel’s joy. She finds cruel notes on her porch and in her yard saying that Kestrel’s family is evil for having a pentacle in their front window.
Who is leaving the notes? Why do they think Kestrel’s family’s beliefs are evil? And most importantly, how does the note-leaver know the decoration in the front window is a pentacle and not just a star? Kestrel is determined to find out.

(Mid-grade fiction for ages 8-11; written under the name Kim Ramsey-Winkler.)

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Messages from Shiva

Guidance and compassion from a being of light.


For most of her life, River Lightbearer has worked closely with her guides, beings who are connected to and work with her to help on her spiritual path. One of those guides, a being of light called Shiva, has collaborated with River to share daily messages of encouragement and compassion on social media.

This book is a compilation of the first several months of those messages, reorganized based on the topics and themes that will most benefit those navigating their lives, healing journeys, and spiritual paths. Whether you read the book from beginning to end or open it at random to find the message you most need on any given day, River and Shiva intend that you find the guidance you seek within these pages. 

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