Everyone has guides. These beings of higher energetic vibration are with us from the moment of our birth, and often even in previous lifetimes. But many humans are unaware that they have guides or know they have them but aren’t able to consciously speak and work with them.

I’ve been speaking and working with my guides since I was two years old, though obviously at that age I didn’t know they were guides. I thought they were just friends who protected and loved me. I didn’t learn the truth of their identities until I was 35!

After some shifts and changes in my life since the beginning of 2021, and after long conversations (and admittedly some resistance on my part) with my guides, I have begun to offer sessions and instruction for those who want a conscious connection with their guides and/or want to learn how to channel.

So far, I’ve offered these things in private sessions, but on Tuesday, August 31, at 1pm Eastern, I will be offering my first masterclass! In the 60-minute class Guides: Who, What, Why, I will give an overview of what types of beings commonly act as guides, what a guide is, and why they work with humans. I’ll also lead students through a process that facilitates conscious connection with your primary guide, followed by time for discussion and processing.

The connection process we use was developed by me and my guide Pietkela, and we’ve taken care to make it as accessible and trauma-sensitive as possible.

I’m offering this class on the Learn It Live online platform, a system that works similarly to Zoom. You do need a Learn It Live account to register, as far as I know, but the account is free.

Because this is my first class of the kind, it’s open for only $10! To learn more and register, please visit Learn It Live.

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