You’re trying to make a decision. You know what the options are, but not which is best for you. In the deeper part of your mind, and perhaps in your body, you feel that one option is more beneficial than the others. You know, without having to think about it, that this is the choice you need to make.

But then the thoughts take over. What if you’re wrong? What if that choice doesn’t bring you to what you want? What if it’s a mistake? What if…what if…what if?

The certain knowing that comes before the thoughts is your intuition at work. Intuition is the ability to know without having to think about it. It’s the deep inner knowledge that comes from your Core Self. And when you listen to it, it won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

The problem is many of us have been taught not to listen to our intuition. We might have been told that we need to learn to think things through, or that we can’t “just know” something. Maybe some of our past experiences have taught us not to trust ourselves about anything and/or have led to fear of making mistakes or doing something wrong.

Because of these “lessons” and experiences, some of us struggle to listen to and believe our intuition. We think it can’t possibly be that easy to make a decision or that we can’t be trusted to do the right thing without analyzing it. So we muddle through our lives either stuck in indecision and fear or making decisions based on rational thought instead of what feels right.

As long as what feels right to you doesn’t bring harm to anyone, it is the right thing. And your intuition will never steer you toward doing anything harmful. The Core Self that brings you this knowledge is the part of you that knows how to create benefit and that wants you to have your most beneficial life. Shaking the lessons and experiences of the past isn’t easy, but to truly create your most beneficial life, learning to listen to your intuition is essential.

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