How Channeling Works for Me

Quite well, actually.

Okay, I’m being a bit of a wise guy. If you know me, you know that’s not unusual.

Fortunately for me, my guides also know I can be a wise guy sometimes, and they have no problem with it. Some of them give me wiseassery right back.

That’s part of how channeling works for me. I’ve been connected with my guides since I was a very young child, at which time they presented themselves to me as “invisible friends.” (Woe betide anyone who told me back then that my friends were imaginary, not just invisible!) Because I was so young and they wanted me to be comfortable with them, they acted like friends to me, and that included sometimes having a sense of humor that was aligned with mine.

I connected with my guides due to abuse and neglect. The adults in my life who were meant to take care of me weren’t, and I needed someone to love and protect me. My guides heard this need and came to me, putting energetic protections into place so that no other beings or entities could interfere with me, and started providing the love and protection I so desperately needed.

Ever since, I’ve been able to have conversations with them whenever they and I choose. Some people who work consciously with their guides need to be in at least a light trance state to communicate with them, but that’s never been the case for me. I can “hear” my guides in my mind as clearly when I’m typing a blog post or watching TV as when I’m in trance. They also don’t have restrictions or requirements on what we talk about. They aren’t with me just to provide cryptic spiritual messages; they are genuinely my friends, and I can talk with them about anything.

When I channel for others, things are a bit more structured. Until recently, I only channeled one of my guides, a being of light called Shiva. With the recent revelation that another being I’d been speaking to, Pietkela, was also my guide, I have begun channeling him as well.

When I channel for others, I either enter a very light trance state so I can listen to what Shiva or Pietkela is saying and pass it along to the other person, or I enter a stronger trance state and allow Shiva or Pietkela to speak directly through me. They don’t “take over my body” when I channel in that way; it’s more a matter of their energy temporarily overlaying mine so they are able to speak directly to the other person. 

Sometimes instead of speaking, I type. If I’m listening and relaying, typing is easy; if I’m in trance and Shiva or Pietkela is working directly, typing can be a bit harder, though with practice Shiva and I have reached a point where it’s a fairly fluid process. Pietkela and I haven’t started working on the typing thing yet.

One thing I hear consistently from channeling clients is that they can feel the energy shift when my guide comes near, regardless of whether I’m doing relayed channeling or in trance. They also say they feel “goodness,” strength, and compassion from my guides.

I love being able to offer this service to others. If you’re interested in having a channeling session with me or learning more about it, visit the Evolve Your Life page to book an inquiry call or session.

I also offer Zoom group channelings once a month on the second Wednesday; the next one will be June 9 at 4pm Eastern time. These sessions, approximately one hour long with additional time at the end for questions and clarification, allow up to five participants the opportunity to speak with one of my guides for 10-15 minutes each. Answers given to the other participants can help you gain clarity in your life as well, and the session ends with a brief channeled message for the group as a whole. Group channelings are $100 per person; please Contact Me to check on availability for the next session!

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