Evolving your life is easier than it sounds…

Especially with the right support. Here’s how I can help!


We all have the power within ourselves to heal from our pasts and create the most beneficial life possible. I would love to help you gain clarity on your most beneficial path and clear the blocks keeping you from fully embracing your inner creative power.

Through channeling, you’ll be able to speak with a higher-vibrational being to receive guidance and compassion in your path. Energy healing helps restore balance and clarity and remove the blocks holding you back. And oracle card readings help you find the most beneficial direction for your life. All sessions of any type  include consultation/coaching time with me to help you identify thought and behavior patterns in your life that may be opposing you and help you make a plan for breaking free of those patterns.

Coming July 1, I will be introducing channeling and energy healing transformative packages; stay tuned for details!

To provide you more information or to find out whether we’re a good fit to work together, I offer free 20-minute inquiry calls. To schedule a call, or a channeling, reading, or Chios Energy Healing session, use my online calendar or Contact Me!





Channeling is a process by which a human connects with a being of higher energetic vibration (think an angel, being of light, or spirit guide) to receive guidance and wisdom. Some people channel only for themselves; I choose to offer channeling to others. I work with beings of light called Shiva and Pietkela, whose compassionate guidance has brought me a long way in my own healing journey. Let us help you as you embrace your inner power and create a life in your highest benefit!

Channeling is not communicating with the dead; I won’t be able to tell you anything about friends or family members who have passed away. (That’s mediumship, and there are wonderful trained mediums who can help you if this is what you’re seeking.) It also isn’t a psychic reading.

In a channeling session, I generally work with Shiva, but at times Pietkela will be the one with whom you and I will be speaking. You’ll have the option to decide which of them you would prefer to work with, or we will decide and let you know at the beginning of the session.

During a session with us, you might feel the energy shifting when Shiva or Pietkela comes closer for a relayed channeling (in which they speak to me and I pass along their words to you) or when their energy enters my body during a trance session (in which I am in a light trance state and the guide speaks directly). For people who are sensitive to energy, this shift may be intense and can feel uncomfortable, but it won’t harm you. Shiva and Pietkela are benevolent beings who wants to help your growth and progress, and sessions with us are entirely safe.

Channeling with us is a dialogue, not a monologue. Whether you choose a relayed or trance session, Shiva or Pietkela will want to hear what you have to say and hear your questions and opinions, both because they want to be of highest benefit to you and to be sure your free will and consent are respected, so at times they’ll pause and wait for you to speak before continuing.

Even for those who aren’t sensitive to energy, the energy shifts from a channeling session can cause issues with remembering the questions you want to ask or what we tell you, so I recommend coming to a session with at least 2-3 questions written down as well as taking notes during the session. Sessions can be 30 minutes or 60, during which you’ll have the opportunity to discuss whatever situations in your life you would like advice and information about.

These sessions currently are done by Zoom or Facebook video messenger, and include time to process with me for clarification if wanted. If you choose to have your session on Zoom, you may opt to have me record it and send you the recording afterward. When we schedule, you’ll be able to choose between Zoom and Facebook and between relayed and trance channeling, as well as which guide you would prefer to work with. I also offer email channelings; you send up to three questions, and I reply by email within 2 business days. Email channelings include the option for one follow-up email for clarification.

Use the PayPal buttons below to pay for your session, and then use my online calendar or Contact Me to schedule your session. You can also use the calendar or contact me to schedule a 20-minute inquiry call to receive more information about channeling and see if we’re a good fit to work together.



Channeling sessions with RiverEvolutions are for entertainment purposes only. No information expressed or conveyed is intended as legal advice, therapy, or counseling. River Lightbearer and Shiva are not licensed professionals and do not intend any information to be used to replace professional mental or physical health or legal services. To respect free will, Shiva and Pietkela will not give detailed predictions of the future, though they may allude to potential futures, and will only answer questions about the person having the session and their relationship to situations with others in their lives. Any negative consequences of actions taken by a client as a result of a channeling session are the sole responsibility of the client.









Energy Healing


Feeling stressed? Out of balance? Just want to relax? An energy healing session can help restore clarity and balance and allow you to unlock the power to heal! 

During an energy healing session, I tap into Universal energy and your own energy system’s inherent healing power to repair energetic flaws caused by illness, injury, trauma, and stress. These experiences can create blocks or imbalances in your energy, which in turn cause issues in various aspects of your life. Energy healing brings relaxation, restoration, and clarity by removing the blocks and rebalancing your energy system, and this can lead to improvements in focus and in other parts of your life. It isn’t a cure-all and I don’t treat or diagnose medical conditions, but by repairing your energy system, your body’s own innate power to heal can be activated.

Due to current circumstances, I only perform energy healing by distance, with consultation over Zoom before and after the energy work. Distance work is equally as effective as hands-on, and some previous clients have experienced more benefit from a distance session than an in-person one! I intend to resume offering in-person sessions by the end of 2021. 

While a single Chios session is definitely beneficial, greater benefit comes from having recurring sessions. To make this easier, I offer packages of 4 sessions at a 10% discount off the cost of paying for each session individually.

I also offer instruction in this highly effective modality; visit the Evolve Your Business page for more information!

Use the PayPal buttons below to pay for your session, and then use my online calendar or Contact Me to schedule your session. You can also use the calendar or contact me to schedule a 20-minute inquiry call to receive more information about Chios and see whether we’re a fit to work together.



Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or mental health care, but rather a supplementary practice. River Lightbearer is not a licensed medical or mental health professional and will not provide diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Clients are urged to continue with any treatment they are currently receiving in addition to energy healing services. Any negative consequences of choosing to suspend or end other health care treatment is the sole responsibility of the client.











Oracle Card Readings


Are you seeking guidance in your healing journey? Do you need direction and insight? An oracle card reading will help you chart your course!

Oracle cards are a divination tool intended to help find solutions or the best steps to take to create and evolve into your best life. An oracle deck can consist of any number of cards, each of which has a specific message that is often printed on the card itself. These messages can be taken individually, but a combination of cards often has a broader message encompassed by all of the cards together. I use an exclusive deck, the Seascapes Oracle, which I developed in 2006 with the assistance of my guides and a collective of beings called the Oracle Guides.

For a real-time oracle reading, you’ll have the option to have me draw three cards or six. I will share the cards’ messages with you, but also interpret the messages and share additional information that comes to me intuitively and from my guides. Our discussion may also include some coaching around mindset issues that the cards have brought to light which may be holding you back. Real-time readings are done by Zoom or Facebook video messenger, and last approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the number of cards. I also offer email readings, which are three cards only. An email reading will include thumbnail images of the cards along with the cards’ messages, my interpretation, and any additional information I gain for you.

Ready to find out what the cards have to say? For a real-time reading, use the PayPal buttons below to pay for your session, and then use my online calendar or Contact Me to schedule your reading. For an email reading, use the PayPal button below, and include in the “Notes” field on PayPal any specific question you want answered, or whether you would like a general reading. You can also Contact Me to specify a general reading or your question.



Readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. These readings are not intended as a substitution or replacement for professional support from a licensed medical or mental health professional. Any actions a client takes as a result of a reading are the sole responsibility of the client. River Lightbearer will not give medical or legal advice, and owing to a strong belief in free will, will only answer questions about the person requesting the reading. Questions a client asks about others will not be answered. A reading will not include definite answers about the future, but may include potential outcomes of situations.