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Building and evolving into the business of your heart and soul is no easy task. Support and coaching can be invaluable. I offer services to help you in the process of creating or building a spiritually-based, heart-centered business. Although I’m not a business coach myself, I’m connected with several coaches and would be happy to recommend one to you.

If you’re seeking guidance and encouragement in your business path, I offer channeling sessions in which you can ask questions and gain clarity and direction specific to your business. My guides, beings of light called Shiva and Pietkela, aren’t business coaches either, but have access to a broad spectrum of wisdom and understanding that will benefit you as you form the business your soul calls you to create. This is the only business service I allow clients to schedule directly without first having an inquiry call with me.

Energy healing is becoming more widely known and accepted as part of a holistic approach to health and well-being. You may already be offering a form of energy healing and want to expand to other modalities, or maybe you haven’t yet started offering the service but want to. I offer instruction in Chios Energy Healing, a chakra-focused modality that removes blocks and restores balance and flow to the energy centers and aura in order to correct damage from past–and even past life–experiences. This dynamic modality has brought a huge difference to the lives of my clients–and to my own life.

For practitioners who wish to expand their audience beyond the gender binary of “men” and “women,” I offer consultation about the range of genders that exist, why pronouns are important, and how to phrase your website and marketing copy to be gender-inclusive.

For those whose client base includes or may include trauma survivors, I offer consultation about the effects trauma can have on mind, body, and soul and how to create experiences that acknowledge these differences and avoid negative or retraumatizing interactions with your clients.

Scroll down for more information about each of these services, or Contact Me or use my online calendar to schedule an inquiry call to discuss how I can support you!




Business Guidance

Channeling is a process by which a human connects with a being of higher energetic vibration (think an angel, being of light, or spirit guide) to receive guidance and wisdom. Some people channel only for themselves; I choose to offer channeling to others. I work with a higher being called Pietkela (pee/et/kay/la), whose compassionate guidance has supported me in my healing and business journeys. In a business guidance session, you may ask questions directly related to your business, including yourself as entrepreneur and any mindset blocks or other personal obstacles that are holding you back in evolving into the business of your heart.

During a session with Pietkela and me, you might feel the energy shifting when he comes closer for a relayed channeling or when his consciousness enters my body during a trance session. For some people, this energy shift is intense and can feel uncomfortable, but it won’t harm you. Pietkela is a benevolent being who wants to help your growth and progress; however, he has a very high energetic vibration that’s particularly noticeable to people who are already sensitive to energy.

Channeling with us is a dialogue, not a monologue. Whether you choose a relayed or trance session, Pietkela  will want to hear what you have to say and hear your questions and opinions, both because he wants to be of highest benefit to you and to be sure your free will and consent are respected, so at times he’ll pause and wait for you to speak before continuing. Even for those who aren’t sensitive to energy, the energy shifts from a channeling session can cause issues with remembering the questions you want to ask or what Pietkela tells you, so I recommend coming to a session with at least 2-3 questions written down as well as taking notes during the session. Sessions can be 30 minutes or 60, during which you’ll have the opportunity to discuss whatever situations in your life you would like advice and information about.

These sessions currently are done by Zoom or Facebook video messenger, and include time to process with me for clarification if wanted. If you choose to have your session on Zoom, I’ll record it and make it available to you afterward. When we schedule, you’ll be able to choose between Zoom and Facebook and between relayed and trance channeling. I also offer email channelings; you send up to three questions, and I reply by email within 2 business days. Email channelings include the option for one follow-up email for clarification.

Use the PayPal buttons below to pay for your session, and then use my online calendar or Contact Me to schedule your session. You can also use the calendar or contact me to schedule a 20-minute inquiry call to receive more information about channeling and see if we’re a good fit to work together.


Chios Energy Healing Instruction

People have told you you’re a natural healer, and you feel drawn to helping others heal. You want to make a difference in the world. When you see someone struggling, you feel their pain. Perhaps you’ve tried learning other healing modalities, and they didn’t resonate for you, or something just felt off. Nothing works or resonates for everyone; maybe it’s time to try something different.
Imagine being able to help others ease that pain and begin to create and evolve into a more positive life! As a Chios® energy healing practitioner, you can bring balance and peace to your clients while helping them improve their overall well-being and supporting them in creating their best life. Chios® is easy and rewarding to learn, and I would love to guide you through the process!

Chios Energy Healing consists of three levels. In Level 1, you learn the basics of energy healing and the human energy system, as well as introductory Chios techniques. Level 2 teaches more advanced techniques and awards the title of Certified Chios Healing Practitioner. And Level 3 teaches additional techniques, including methods for healing energetic damage from past lives, and awards the title of Certified Chios Master Teacher.

If you have not previously had a Chios Healing session with me or any other Chios practitioner, I require students to have one prior to beginning Level 1 so you are familiar with the experience before beginning instruction, and offer this session at a 50-75% discount from my usual rate.

Instruction through RiverEvolutions includes:
– The attunement (a brief energy procedure which enables you to open more fully to energy flow) for each level in which you enroll. Attunements are not required but are strongly recommended, and the investment for instruction remains the same with or without an attunement.
– 25% off the cost of any Chios session with me while you’re enrolled
– Weekly hour-long meetings with me to discuss your progress. If you want to accelerate your progress, twice-weekly meetings are also available.
– Email availability between meetings to answer your questions and concerns
– Supplementary instruction about the chakras and energy system
– Mindset coaching around your abilities and skill as an energy healer
– If you choose to go into practice, a link from my website to yours

When you enroll in each level separately, investment is $200 for Level 1, plus $50 for your Chios session if you have not previously had one; $275 for Level 2; and $350 for Level 3. Enrollment for all three levels up front is $725 plus $25 for your Chios session if you have not previously had one, a savings of $125!

To discuss enrollment or get more information, please use my online calendar or Contact Me to set up a free 30-minute inquiry call. 

Congratulations on your choice to become a healer!

Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement.





Trauma-Sensitivity Consultation

The effects of trauma are long-lasting and can impact a trauma survivor in many different ways, including impeding processing information, emotional management, and even physical health. Because of this, some language and practices used by coaches, healing practitioners, and other spiritually-based entrepreneurs are difficult for trauma survivors to fully access, and some can even retraumatize survivors.

As a trauma survivor, I’ve encountered a number of coaches and practitioners whose practices and phrasings were inaccessible to me or invalidated and bypassed my experiences and self-knowledge, and who refused to listen to me–even calling me a liar or telling me I didn’t actually “want to do the work”–when I tried to advocate for my needs.

Many people have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. The coaching and healing professions are appealing to trauma survivors who are seeking new or different ways to improve their lives and break old patterns, so it’s fair to assume that your client base includes survivors even if they aren’t open about it. When practitioners are unaware of the effects of trauma and unwilling to listen to survivors’ needs, not only do the survivors not receive benefit, but often come to the conclusion that they’re irreparably broken and give up. 

I offer consulting and education to spiritually-based entrepreneurs seeking a fuller understanding of the effects of trauma and assistance in crafting practices and services that are trauma-informed. In working with me, you’ll get 8 hours of my time over the course of 2-3 months (depending on your schedule and needs) for discussing trauma effects and brainstorming ways to make your practice more sensitive and accessible to survivors, as well as work on your written copy if needed and resources to help you in creating a trauma-sensitive practice.

I am not a licensed mental health professional. I am, however, a trauma survivor who has done extensive work and study to understand trauma’s effects and how to be more trauma-sensitive in my own practices as well as how to make other types of spiritually-based practices more trauma-informed. I would be happy to help you create or modify your business to better serve the needs of survivors!

Investment for this service is $1195 if paid in full, two monthly payments of $610, or four monthly payments of $310.


To find out more about how I can support you in this, and to determine if we’re a good fit to work together, please Contact Me or use my online calendar to schedule a complimentary 30-minute inquiry call.




Gender-Inclusivity Consultation

You’re working to understand terms and concepts like “transgender,” “nonbinary,” “cisgender,” etc. and why they matter.

You want to be respectful of your clients’ chosen names, pronouns, and identities.

Your copy and marketing says you serve women or men, but you want to serve nonbinary people as well.

I offer consulting for spiritually-based entrepreneurs who want to have gender-inclusive practices and/or use gender-inclusive language in their copy and marketing. You’ll get 4 hours of my time over the course of 4-6 weeks (depending on your needs and schedule) to discuss gender, pronouns, etc., to help you determine whether you want to confine your practice to women or be open to nonbinary clients as well, to discuss other concepts related to gender, and to brainstorm and revise/rewrite your copy. I’ll also give you resources about the topics we discuss, and additional time will be available if needed. For an additional investment, I will write your copy for you, but I prefer supporting clients in crafting their own gender-inclusive copy.

I am a nonbinary human and the parent of a transgender adult offspring, and have taken time to study and learn about gender, terminology, etc. I see a need for gender-inclusive spiritually-based services, and an equal need for entrepreneurs to have support around making sure their services are gender-inclusive. I would love to support you in this!

Investment for this service is $595 if paid in full or two monthly payments of $310.

To find out more about how I can support you in this, and to determine if we’re a good fit to work together, please Contact Me or use my online calendar to schedule a complimentary 30-minute inquiry call.