Meet River Lightbearer

Your compassionate catalyst

I’m River Lightbearer, also known as Kim Ramsey-Winkler. Channel, healing practitioner, coach, catalyst. Nonbinary trauma survivor.

Throughout my life, I’ve embraced change even when I feared it. As a young child, I looked forward to things changing and improving. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to consciously create the changes I want to see in my life and in the world around me.

During much of my life, I’ve entered the lives of others at times when they were facing changes, and have supported them and helped them through those times. Often, once they’d come out on the other side of change, my presence was no longer needed in their lives, but I’m thankful for the time I had with them.

When I was a young child, I had “invisible” (not imaginary) friends. As an adult, I learned that these friends are my guides, beings who have chosen to work with me in this lifetime and in some cases in previous lifetimes for my spiritual growth and theirs. In 2006, I received training to channel my primary guide, a being of light called Shiva, who is also often associated with change in the form of tearing down old paths and patterns that no longer serve in order to create new, more beneficial ones. Shiva, my newer primary guide Pietkela, and my other guides have provided me guidance, support, and compassion in my journey to heal from trauma and create a positive life for myself, and they assist me in my work to support and guide others in their journeys.

In addition to channeling, I’ve found support in my spiritual growth and healing journey through Chios Energy Healing, a form of energy work which focuses on repairing issues with and damage to the seven major chakras and the energy field. I trained in this modality in 2006 and received the degree of Certified Chios Master Teacher; in 2020 I was awarded the level of Chios Master of Healing Consciousness.

As a trauma survivor myself, I have worked to understand my own trauma-based patterns and responses as well as studying how trauma affects and alters people’s energy, mind, and body (including the physical brain) in general. I am not a licensed professional, but I use this knowledge to guide me as I support other survivors in their healing journeys and assist spiritual entrepreneurs in crafting practices that are more aware of the effects of trauma.

I’m also experienced in working with people who are neurodivergent and who have sensory processing issues including auditory processing deficits and touch-aversion. As a nonbinary, polyamorous human, I welcome those who are LGBTQ+ and/or whose relationships and lives are what some might describe as “alternative.”

I offer channeling sessions in person, over Zoom, or by email, and Chios Energy Healing sessions in person or by distance with Zoom consultation. (NOTE: Due to the ongoing health circumstances in the world, in-person sessions are temporarily unavailable.) For spiritual entrepreneurs, I also offer consultation and copywriting support in becoming more gender-inclusive and/or trauma-informed, and will soon be offering Chios Energy Healing instruction for those who would like to make this highly effective modality part of their service repertoire.

If you’ve reached a point of change in your life or business, whether you’ve chosen it or been led there by circumstances, I would love to support you in progressing to the next stage!


And my guides…

In my practices, I work with several guides. One helps me with writing (and is helping me create this section of the website). Another helps me with body awareness (and if he tells me to sit up straight one more time…). In my experience, people have guides for various reasons, and most people, if not all, have more than one guide.

For channeling, I’ve been working with one particular guide since 2006. When I first connected with him as a child, I knew him by a different name, but when my mentor helped reform and strengthen the connection in 2006, he told me the being was called Shiva. That’s the name I’ve known this being by ever since. Shiva is a being of light; he has no physical form, but is comprised of light and energy. Although beings of light are not much like humans, over the years of working with me Shiva has developed a rather dry sense of humor at times. He’s gentle and compassionate; he won’t hold back from speaking the truth as he sees it, but he delivers the messages in a kind way and is willing to support the client in processing and understanding what they’ve been told. Shiva takes great joy in working with us, and he, in his words, “rejoices when one finds their path and I am able to assist them along it.”

The other guide with whom I work for channeling has been with me for many years, but I was unaware he was my guide until 2021. Guides will sometimes hang back a bit until the human is ready to work with them, and that was the case with the being I know as Pietkela (pronounced pee-et-kay-la, emphasis on the “kay”). Pietkela is a being somewhat similar to Shiva, though he won’t tell me whether he’s a being of light or something else; he says I get “too caught up in names and labels,” and part of his role is to help me break free of that. (He has a point.) Pietkela is as compassionate and benevolent as Shiva, but has a different way of speaking to humans that at times comes across as unemotional. However, he does love and care about humans and wants to help people attain their highest ideal.

I am able to channel either Pietkela or Shiva, but at this point, Pietkela is my primary guide and is the one with whom clients will most often be speaking, or at least from whom they’ll most often receive messages, during channeling sessions.