“Your life is a story you tell yourself.” I’ve seen this quote in a number of different sources and variations, and I’m sure you have too.

And it’s true. We have a story that goes through our minds day to day, minute to minute, about who we are, how we are, and what we can do. Some parts of this story are created from deep-seated beliefs we’ve developed over years of being exposed to others who believe the same way. “This is wrong, that’s right, you can’t do this, you should do that.”

Some parts of the story are created and forced into our minds by other people or situations. By abuse and other trauma. We internalize the beliefs bullies and abusers plant in our brains, and those beliefs also become part of the story we tell ourselves. Long after the people and situations are out of our lives, the story remains.

But you can change the story, or write an entirely new one. It’s YOUR story. What you tell is up to you.

A Story You Tell Yourself is an 8-week program designed to help you with that rewrite. We begin by exploring the story you’re telling now and how to change aspects of it. Through guided meditations, you’ll connect with your “cornerstone,” your inner Source of power and strength where the only story told is truth, and you’ll encounter your child self and tell them a more positive, triumphant story. Finally, you’ll explore the dreams you had as a child, choose one to fulfill, and begin the process of doing so as part of the new story of your life.

Each week, you and I will meet for one hour, either by video chat or in person if distance allows, to discuss your story and your progress, and address any questions or concerns that may have arisen. At the end of each session, I’ll give you a homework assignment to continue the work begun in that session. The program also includes two Chios® Energy Healing distance sessions or in-person mini-sessions if possible. I strongly recommend daily journaling throughout the process, and support and additional resources will be available in the A Story You Tell Yourself Facebook group, a closed group to which you’ll be sent the link on enrollment in the program.

A Story You Tell Yourself is not a substitute for mental health services, and I am not a licensed mental health professional.

Paid separately, the sessions and components of A Story You Tell Yourself would cost $1000. As a program, the cost is $795–essentially giving you the Chios® healing, guided meditations, and one one-hour session for free!

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