Many factors can lead to you feeling like you have no control over your life. Like the people around you are writing your story, and you have no choice but to follow along. There has to be more to it. Some way to have what you want and need.

There is, and I can help you find it.

I used to believe I wasn’t in control of my own story. My life was a thing that happened to me, and the dialogue in my head was words put there by other people. But I’ve learned I can write my own story. I changed the script in my head. I fulfilled my dreams of becoming a published author and a teacher. I found people with whom I truly belonged. And now I want to pass along to others the tools and techniques through which I made those changes.

I offer services and instruction in Chios® Energy Healing, a chakra-based modality. I also offer holistic mentoring, a form of life coaching. I am a Certified Chios® Master Teacher and hold a diploma in Life Coaching from the School of Life Studies.

My A Story You Tell Yourself program combines components of both of those, along with trauma recovery techniques and guided meditations, to help you reconnect with your childhood dreams, your belief in yourself, and your power to create positive change in your life.

If you’re local to the greater Boston, Massachusetts area I am available to work with you in person. I also offer Chios® healing by distance, and Chios® instruction and holistic mentoring by Skype or Messenger video chat. A Story You Tell Yourself is designed to be done either by video chat or in person.

I am currently accepting new clients for Chios® and holistic mentoring. I will begin accepting clients for A Story You Tell Yourself on June 15, 2017. Please visit the individual service pages for more information and payment options.

When you’ve been through negative experiences throughout your life, it’s hard to realize you have the power to create and control your own life. But that power is there. Let me help you rewrite your story.

I have had the pleasure to be the recipient of Kim’s energy healing. In addition to the experience yielding one of the most relaxing sessions I’ve had, she was also able to clarify many aspects of elements that have been troubling me. I highly recommend her service.
~R. P., Belmont, MA

I recently received an energy healing and guided reading from Kim and was very pleased with it. I felt a lot better after the healing, and when she explained what she found, everything made sense. The guided reading I received was informative and eye opening. It was spot on regarding my thoughts and anxieties. I now feel more confident about my decisions. Thanks Kim! Definitely doing this again!
~M.S.B., Versailles, KY

Hi there, I just want to leave you a message of thanks for my reading. I received it quickly after ordering and to my personal email so totally confidential which I appreciate. Thank you so much for the points you made in the reading certainly gave me a lot of food for thought.
~P.S., Northern Ireland

I received a reading several days ago, and it was very accurate. A lot of truth that I didn’t want to admit was brought to light and obviously that made me act upon it. Overall, it was a great experience for me that I’d love for others to get the chance to have too!
~ V.M.R.

Kim hit it with most of my reading, it matched up with several things going on in my life now. I’m not as nervous about things and to let go of stressful thoughts and just “go for it!”
~ B, Kentucky

I really liked how straight forward and how honest the answers were. Not only did they help me realize some facts about me (that are not on my conscious mind all the time) but they helped me figure out what I should do to get to where I need or should be! I would recommend!
~ S.D., Scotland