Most of us have certain beliefs about our lives, right or wrong. The beliefs might have been formed from past experience, or because of what others have taught us.

Those beliefs become a story we tell ourselves about who we are. And that story can really hold us back.

I know I have several stories I tell myself that aren’t very beneficial. Stories about the effect my past has had on me, and why that means I can’t do certain things. Stories about limitations I don’t actually have, and about how weak I am for having the limitations I do have. Stories about what kind of person I am.

The thing is, nearly all of those stories exist because of other people. They’re things I’ve heard from others, or they’re based on things others have done to me.

Once we learn to recognize the stories we tell ourselves, though, we can start to change them. If I tell myself I’m lazy, and then recognize the source of that story, I can flip the script and remind myself of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life. I can dismiss the parts of my story that came from others, or that are part of my past, so that I can create a new, better story for my life.

It isn’t easy to do the work required to tell yourself a new story. But it’s definitely worth it.

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