When someone works a 9-5 job, they usually have weekends off to spend with their families, or doing leisure activities, or just relaxing.

I don’t work a 9-5 job. I work on my speaking and coaching business, on my books, and part-time in a child care program. I get weekends off from that last one, but the other two… I never seem to get time off.

Of course, that’s my own responsibility. Sometimes I try to schedule a day to just relax, or to do fun things or hang out with friends. But it never seems to work out that way. I get up in the morning and all I can think about is all the things I need to do. So I end up doing those things instead of taking it easy.

It’s important to have “down time” in one’s life. If all one does is work, it’s easy to get burned out and stressed. But when you’re working for yourself, sometimes it’s hard to remember that there has to be a balance. And that balance is one of the things weekends are for.