Stored In Your Energy

The mind, body, and energy are all intertwined. Anything that affects one of these affects all of them. And those effects can be stored for years or decades, particularly for those who don’t receive treatment.

Studies have shown that when someone experiences trauma, the brain is altered by defense mechanisms and the need to survive the trauma. These changes linger; someone who experienced trauma in childhood may live their entire life with a brain that doesn’t function properly or is missing some functions because the functions and even parts of the brain itself were shut down when the trauma occurred.

The changes to the brain impact the body. Some people completely lose connection to their body, and yet the body responds to the trauma effects through chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions.

What affects the brain and body also affects the energy. The trauma itself becomes stored in the energy system, because the defense mechanisms in the brain prevent adequate processing of the trauma to be able to move on from it. The trauma affects the energy directly by causing blocks and underactivity or overactivity in the energetic flow, and these things in turn cause or worsen issues with physical and mental health.

Energy work isn’t a substitute for physical or mental health care, but it is a supplement to them. Because what affects the energy also affects the mind and body, doing work to remove blocks and restore proper flow to the energy system can help improve physical and mental health.

The biggest change in my mental health occurred when I received an energy healing session in 2005. This session unlocked the traumas and events stored in my energy system so that I was able to identify and address some of them. That led to an improvement in my ability to function on a daily basis, as well as improving my ability to interact with other people. (Interpersonal interactions are heavily impeded by trauma.) 

I would not tell a trauma survivor that energy healing work can “cure” them or remove the trauma. That isn’t how it works. But I do believe that energy healing can help to open the person to trauma recovery interventions, and can help them unlock their inner power to heal from their past.

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