At one time, I believed my life was created by other people.

By their bullying and abuse. Their hurtful words. Their declarations of what was and wasn’t “allowed,” and of what kind of person I was . I let childhood dreams fall by the wayside because other people told me I wasn’t capable of fulfilling them. I felt I had no choice but to follow along and simply let life happen to me the way other people claimed I deserved.

Then I realized I could take control. I could accept myself for who and where I was while working toward positive changes in my beliefs and my life. I began learning to recognize my value and worth in the world, and letting go of what others said about me. I uncovered the power to create the life I truly deserved to live, and fulfilled some of those childhood dreams.

In my signature talk, appropriate for older teens and adults, I tell my story and guide listeners to accepting themselves and their own power to change their lives. Another version of the talk, developed specifically for presentation in schools and libraries, makes use of my young adult novel Nail Polish and Feathers to illustrate the same points.

I am a member of the Women Speakers Association, and am available to speak to small and large groups.

Download my speaker one sheet here.

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