A reading can point you in the right direction!




You aren’t certain what your next steps need to be.

You want clarity and clarification on a specific issue.

You’re looking for gentle guidance about your life.

You’re open to seeing what the Universe has to say.



A card reading might be what you need!

For hundreds of years, humans have used different tools and methods to divine and refine the course of their lives. Cards are just one of those methods. When receiving a card reading, you aren’t told what to do or how to manage your life. Instead, the cards contain certain themes and messages intended to give you guidance on your direction and next steps. Sometimes these messages are explicit; other times, they’re open to interpretation.

While most people can learn to read cards for themselves, having a reading done by someone else has the added benefit of providing a new perspective on your situation, as well as interpretations of the cards that might not occur to you.

I offer oracle card readings using my exclusive Seascapes Oracle deck, a deck I hope to make available to the public in the future. Oracle cards are cards that include specific messages. An oracle card deck may follow any theme, and the number of cards can vary from deck to deck. There is a wide range of oracle decks on a wide range of topics and themes available, and I’m excited to offer my Seascapes readings to clients!

Real-time 3-card or 6-card readings are available via Zoom or Facebook video messenger, and include discussion and interpretation of the cards’ messages, along with additional information I gain intuitively. These readings may also include coaching around mindset issues the cards bring to light. Email readings are also available; these readings include 3 cards, with attached images of each card, my interpretation of them, and any additional intuitive information. You are welcome to request a general reading or ask a specific question to be answered by the cards.



Beginning March 2, 2021, I will also be offering Tarot card readings using the Rider-Waite deck.



Readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. These readings are not intended as a substitution or replacement for professional support from a licensed medical or mental health professional. Any actions a client takes as a result of a reading are the sole responsibility of the client. I do not give medical advice, and owing to my strong belief in free will, I will only answer questions about the person requesting the reading. Questions a client asks about others will not be answered. A reading will not include definite answers about the future, but may include potential outcomes.



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The Seascapes Oracle Deck

In 2006, seeking guidance about my own life, I was attracted to the display of oracle card decks in one of my local metaphysical stores. I purchased one of the decks, but I felt called to create my own as well. So I did.

Initially, I used digital art images created by my mentor as inspiration for the cards, and I created the messages using my own knowledge and intuition, input from my guides, and collaboration with a collective of beings who introduced themselves to me as the Oracle Guides.

In time, my relationship with my mentor dissolved, and I was no longer permitted to use his images on the cards. That led to the cards being in limbo for a while as I tried to figure out how to visually represent the messages.

Finally, in 2020, a friend suggested that since I feel an affinity with the ocean, maybe I could take pictures at my local beach for use on the oracle cards. On my next trip to the beach, I found things to photograph that matched the cards’ messages, and the Seascapes Oracle deck was born!

Currently, I am the only one who has this deck, so readings I give will be unique and exclusive. Eventually, I hope to publish the deck and make it available to others.



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Your Reader- River Lightbearer

(Also known as Kim Ramsey-Winkler.) I’ve always been fascinated by divination and guidance tools, though I have to admit my early introductions to them were not pleasant or safe!

However, as I grew and connected more with my guides and with humans who had learned to use these tools safely and effectively, I began to grow my skills, until I created my own oracle deck as I describe above. I have been offering readings online for a while now, and feel that it’s time to share this skill with others. I’m excited to offer readings with my Seascapes Oracle deck, and look forward to offering additional reading services in the future.

I am not a medical professional and do not provide medical or mental health services or advice.

I’m thrilled to be able to provide this service to my clients, and I hope to work with you soon!