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May 10, 2017- Look In the Mirror

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror, and really saw what was there? When was the last time you liked what you saw?

We tend to have expectations of ourselves that we see reflected back at us when we look in a mirror, but that isn’t what others see.
Sometimes others look at us and see something about themselves reflected back at them. They put us down because they don’t like what they see… but they aren’t really seeing you. They’re seeing what they don’t like about themselves.

But sometimes others, especially those who love us, see something wonderful. They see us as beautiful, because they aren’t only seeing the physical. They see what’s inside. And they’re the ones you want to listen to.

Try to see what those people in your life see when they look at you. If you don’t know what they see, ask them. We can learn to see ourselves the way they do, but we have to try.

When most of us look in the mirror, we don’t see what others see when they look at us. Sometimes what we see is distorted by our own misperceptions, or by what others have said or done to us. But those who truly care about us see our true beauty, and if we try, we can see what they see. We all have power and beauty inside us. Look in the mirror and let it come out.


April 12, 2017- What Is Energy Healing?

The basic concept behind energy healing is that everyone and everything is surrounded by an energy field. Some call this an aura, some call it a magnetic field, some don’t even believe it exists. Humans and some other living things also have energy centers, or chakras, corresponding to certain parts of their bodies, including internal organs.

Energy healing is the manipulation of energy flow through the chakras and energy field to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. It is not a substitute for traditional medical care, but can be used to supplement traditional medicine in a holistic approach to wellness. Energy healing can be done in a variety of ways, using different methods and beliefs, and can be done on oneself as well as by one person on another.

Put more simply, energy healing is the practice of using certain types of touch or other methods to balance the human energy system. While some methods, such as faith healing, probably wouldn’t put it quite that way, the principal is the same. Touch in and of itself can be healing for many people, partly because through touch, we share energy with one another. When the touch is done with intention, using certain techniques or methods, it can be incredibly powerful. However, physical touch is not required for energy healing to work.

Science has shown evidence of energy fields around living things. This has been demonstrated as far back as the 1960s, when researchers discovered a biomagnetic field around the human heart. In the 1970s, an MIT researcher developed a means of measuring this field, and also of detecting and measuring a similar field around the human brain. In more recent years, scientists have discovered a change in the energy fields around diseased organs, and have tested and measured energy emanated or manipulated by energy healers.

On an anecdotal note, I’ve known three people who were unable to wear any watches aside from the wind-up type because when they attempted to wear other watches, within days the watches stopped functioning. Personally, I’ve discovered that in general, any technology I use, e.g. computers and smartphones, starts developing issues within a few months, but works perfectly when anyone else uses it. Some might say this is coincidence or bad luck in buying things, but I believe it is related to energy fields.

Energy healing has a far longer history than modern science, however. Thousands of years ago, people began to recognize the power of the human touch in healing others. In ancient civilizations in places such as China and India, scholars identified the human energy system, including the energy centers, and discovered that through touch, energy in the auras and centers could be manipulated, thereby causing improved physical and emotional health. In other places, faith healing or laying on of hands has been practiced for decades or even centuries.

Whether you believe the healer is manipulating the energy alone, or a higher power of some sort is assisting, the fact that energy healing or touch healing has been practiced in one form or another for millennia indicates that people believe it works.

Over time, a number of different modalities of energy healing have been developed, all of which have techniques unique to that modality. Most involve some hands-on work, though they can also be performed over distance, as it is believed that energy is not limited by space. Some also believe it isn’t limited by time, and therefore can be sent by the healer in one location at one time, and will reach the recipient in a different location when they are in a receptive state.

The healing methods I’ve learned employ certain hand placements and visualization techniques to direct the energy into the chakras and through the energy field. Other techniques help to remove blocked energy flow in the chakras and field, restore and rebalance the chakras, and repair holes or tears in the energy field. Many of the techniques can also be used over distance, though some do require physical touch to be completed.

People who have received energy healing have reported some fairly impressive results. Some merely end the session with a sense of peace and relaxation. Others have experienced lessening of physical illness symptoms, or improved mental health. In many hospitals and hospices, energy healing is used to provide peace and sometimes pain relief to terminally ill patients.

I personally have seen someone who had botched rotator cuff surgery, who had been in pain for weeks and was barely able to move the affected arm, experience two weeks of a complete absence of pain during which she had full use of the arm. However, energy healing’s effectiveness can diminish over time; many healers recommend having sessions at least once or twice a month to maintain the healing and improve on it, just as one goes to a doctor more than once to follow up on medical care. The woman with the botched surgery chose not to have any future sessions, and over time her pain returned, though it never reached the level she’d experience previously.

Some healers tell their clients that energy healing is the only thing they need to be in good health. This is not true. There are some conditions that can’t be treated by energy healing alone, and it’s never a wise idea to forgo medical treatment for serious injuries or illness. If you’re being treated by a medical practitioner or mental health practitioner, you should continue following that treatment and their instructions even if you choose to also receive energy healing.

Energy healing is a peaceful, relaxing way to supplement the restoration and maintenance of wellness. Its benefits extend through physical, mental, and emotional health. Although most modalities involve some hands-on work, they may also have methods for performing healing over a distance, or for doing the hands-on techniques in person without physical contact occurring, making this an accessible holistic practice for even those who are touch-averse.

If you’re feeling “just kind of blah,” or you feel that traditional medicine alone isn’t addressing your health issues, try an energy healing session with a reputable practitioner. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.