Bullying. Trauma.

Surviving. Triumphing.

Accepting. Living.

The characters in Jo Ramsey’s young adult fiction encounter all of the above and more as they navigate life in high school and at home. Strongly-developed characters and gripping storylines share the message of hope, acceptance, and positivity incorporated in Kim Ramsey-Winkler’s coaching and speaking, but in a more entertaining–and fictional–way.

Using her tagline “Anyone can be a hero” as a guideline, Jo presents stories in which LGBTQ+ teens strive toward creating their own best lives. Some stories are about characters accepting their sexual orientations. In others, the characters’ sexual orientations and gender identities are presented as character traits, secondary to the plotlines of out-of-control psychic powers, severe responses to bullying, or parental abandonment.

Jo is available to speak to students at any grade level about writing and publishing; however, her books are most appropriate for ages 13 and up. Please visit her website for more information about her books and to contact her.