You can become an energy healer!

Bring well-being and balance to yourself and others through Chios® Energy Healing!



You’re sensitive to others’ emotions. When you’re around someone who’s struggling mentally or physically, you feel it. You know you could help if you only had the right tools, but you aren’t sure how to begin.

You’ve experienced energy healing and know it’s effective, but even though you want to learn how to do healing for others, you aren’t sure how to go about learning.

You dream of making a difference for others. Of helping them lead a more balanced life.

People have told you you’re a natural healer, and you feel drawn to helping others heal.

Finding an energy healing modality that resonates with you isn’t easy. Not everything works for everyone, and the modalities you’ve explored haven’t felt quite right.

Chios® Energy Healing might be exactly what you’re looking for!

As a Chios® energy healing practitioner, you can bring balance and peace to others while helping them improve their overall well-being. Chios® is easy and rewarding to learn, and I would love to guide you through the process!


Past students have reported:

– Higher empathy and sensitivity to energy
– Increased self-confidence
– Improvements in their own wellbeing
– A sense of accomplishment from providing service to others.

Some have gone on to begin energy healing practices, while others have started groups to help others learn and build their own healing skills.


 Interested? Find out more through a free 30-minute inquiry call! I’ll answer any questions you may have about Chios® Energy Healing and the healing instruction process. We’ll determine whether we’re a good fit to work together, and whether now is the right time for you to begin your studies. Click here to schedule your call!

Inquiry calls are available Mondays at 3:45pm; Thursdays at 3:30pm; and Fridays at 12:15 or 2pm. (All times Eastern.)



How Instruction Works


Instruction through River Flow Healing includes:
– The attunement for each level in which you enroll (an attunement is a brief energy procedure which enables you to more easily open to energy flow)
– One energy healing session (distance or 30-minute), which is required prior to your first attunement
– 25% off the cost of any additional energy healing sessions while you’re enrolled
– Weekly meetings with me to discuss your progress. Meetings are generally scheduled on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. (If you are unable to meet weekly, other arrangements can be made.)
– Email availability between meetings to answer your questions and concerns
– Your choice of working at your own pace, or receiving weekly assignments from me
– Supplementary instruction about the chakras and energy system
– Mindset coaching around your abilities and skill as an energy healer
– If you choose to go into practice, a link from my website to yours
– Suggestions, guidance, and referral to resources about establishing an energy healing practice if desired


The Chios® Energy Healing instruction course consists of three levels:

In Level 1, you will learn the basics of energy healing, how to channel the energy, and how to treat a client’s chakras and energy field, and will receive a certificate of completion. Level 1 takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete, including your healing session and attunement.

Level 2 builds upon Level 1 with more advanced techniques for balancing the chakras and energy system, removing energetic blocks, and repairing damage to the energy system, and will certify you as a Chios® Healing Practitioner. Level 2 takes approximately 12 weeks to complete, including attunement.

Level 3 continues instruction in more advanced energy healing techniques, including powerful techniques for recharging the auras and healing damage from past lives, and will award you the degree of Certified Chios® Master Teacher, enabling you to provide instruction to others in this exciting and effective modality. Level 3 takes approximately 14 weeks to complete, including attunement.

For each level, I recommend you receive an attunement, which will enable you to more effectively and easily access and channel the universal energy. I also provide guided instruction as you work through the Chios® manual and worksheets. Attunements and instruction can be done in-person, or an attunement can be done by distance with instruction occurring via Skype or other video messaging.

The Chios® Energy Healing manual is available in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon for a low price. This manual contains additional and supplementary techniques and trainings, but does not include the worksheets. However, the basic instructional materials, including worksheets, are also available for free on the Chios® website!

I offer Level 1 Chios Energy Healing instruction at $100; Level 2 at $150; and Level 3 at $200; or $375 for all three levels prepaid. The cost remains the same whether or not you opt to receive an attunement.


Still need more information? Want to find out whether we’d be a fit to work together? Click here to schedule your free inquiry call today!

Inquiry calls are available Mondays at 3:45pm; Thursdays at 3:30pm; and Fridays at 12:15 or 2pm. (All times Eastern.)



Your Instructor, Kim Ramsey-Winkler


In 2005, I was struggling to heal from past trauma, both physical and mental, and to improve my health. I had two young children, and I wanted to give them a mother who could be active with them and provide a positive role model for them.

A friend offered to do a Chios® Energy Healing session with me. The difference was immediate and profound. Memories and emotions surfaced that, while difficult to deal with at first, became easily addressed and managed when brought into the light. My physical health and ability to navigate my emotions also improved.

I knew I needed to bring this method of energy healing to others, so I began to study with my friend. In 2006, I reached the level of Certified Chios® Master Teacher, and began my work of helping others with their own healing and providing energy healing instruction, work I now continue through River Flow Healing.


Next Steps


I require prospective Chios Energy Healing students to have a short inquiry call with me. The call is free,  and you can click here to schedule it.

When we receive notification that you’ve booked a call, we’ll email you with the contact options. You’ll have a choice of Skype, Facebook video chat, or phone, and will need to let us know which one works best for you.

On the day of your call, you’ll contact me to discuss any questions you have about Chios® Energy Healing or the instruction process. We’ll determine whether we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll also discuss your reasons for wanting to learn Chios®, and whether now is the optimal time for you to begin your studies.

If we decide to work together, you’ll decide if you want to enroll for only Level 1, or commit to all three levels. We’ll invoice you for the cost, $100 for Level 1 only or $375 for Levels 1-3 (a savings of $75 off paying for each level separately!*) I’ll also send you our Student Agreement and, if you have not previously had energy healing sessions with River Flow, our New Client forms. These must be completed, signed, and returned by email as Word attachments, or by postal mail.

I require my students to have at least one Chios® Energy Healing session, in person or by distance, before their attunement, unless they have had a session with me within the previous three weeks. You’ll be required to have an additional session during your Level 1 studies. These sessions are included in the cost of your instruction! When I receive your forms back from you, we’ll schedule your first energy healing session. This session must be scheduled within 15 days of payment being made (i.e. the scheduling must occur; the session itself may be slightly outside this time frame).

After your session, we’ll schedule your first energy healing attunement, and I’ll give you your first assignment if you’ve chosen to receive guided instruction. The attunement must be scheduled within 30 days of the healing session, and must occur within 60 days of the healing session.

During your studies, I’ll meet with you weekly, in person if possible or by Skype or Facebook video chat, to discuss your progress and answer any questions you’ve encountered. You’ll also be able to email me at any time between meetings.

At the end of Level 1, you’ll receive a Chios® Level 1 completion certificate. This is an official Chios® document. On completion of Level 2, you’ll be certified as a Chios® Healing Practitioner. When you complete Level 3, I’ll forward your information to the Chios® Institute, and you’ll receive your Certified Chios® Master Teacher credentials and materials.

(*When paid separately, the investment for Level 2 is $150, and for Level 3 is $200.)


Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement. Follow your doctor’s advice at all times.

Mileage charges for in-person attunements and meetings for which I travel to your location may apply for distances over 10 miles from Lynn, MA, and will be invoiced separately. Please see our Terms page for important information about payment policies.


Find out more! Just click here to schedule your call! I look forward to speaking with you!


Congratulations on your choice to become a healer!