Oracle card readings, using my exclusive Seascapes Oracle deck, are one of the tools I offer to clients who are seeking to create and evolve into their best lives. These readings provide guidance and insight about the client’s life, or about specific issues or questions they have.

A number of practitioners offer oracle readings, and there are a number of ways to do a reading. I wanted to share how I do mine.

Right now, real-time readings are only done over Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, that’s no problem! As long as you have a computer or phone with video and a microphone, we’re good. I set up Zoom on my end and send you the link; at the time of our meeting, you click the link and you and I will be in a “room” where we can see and speak to each other. I can help with minor troubleshooting, or if you aren’t sure of the controls for things like your camera and microphone.

I’ve chosen to do the readings in Zoom because doing so gives me the option to record, and I want to be able to record the reading to send to the client for their reference. So you aren’t only getting half an hour of my time, you’re getting a recorded session to which you’ll be able to refer back as often as you’d like. However, if Zoom isn’t something you prefer to work with, I can also do the readings on Facebook video chat; this doesn’t allow for recording, but is easier to work with.

You’ll have chosen, at the time of scheduling and paying for your session, whether you want a 3-card reading or a 6-card. I recommend 3-card readings if you have a specific question; if you want general guidance, either a 3-card or a 6-card would be appropriate, though you would receive more information in a 6-card reading.

Once we’ve introduced ourselves and talked a little about why you’re having the reading, I pull the cards. I do this through energy; moving my hand over the deck, I feel “pulled” to certain cards. I have found that the first card I draw is usually the one the client needs to hear the most, though it may not be the one that most directly answers the question. 

I show you each card and read the message on it, and then expand on that message. My readings are mostly intuitive; while the messages on the cards are relevant, my intuition and my guides are what show me *how* they are relevant. The expansion includes how the card relates to your question or life, how it relates to the other cards in the reading, and what it might be suggesting in terms of next steps for your life or in the situation you’ve asked about.

After all of the cards have been read, you have time to ask questions for clarification or further expansion on the reading. During this time, I’ve found that some mindset coaching often happens, because thought and behavior patterns come to light that might be holding the client back. While I don’t offer coaching as a separate service, it tends to play a role in all of the services I offer; creating your best life includes recognizing what’s been holding you back from doing so.

After the reading is over, I’ll send you the link for the Zoom recording if we’ve done it on Zoom. For one week afterward, I’m available to you by email or Messenger to answer any additional questions or provide more clarification about the reading. (If you use Messenger to contact me, it won’t be a real-time conversation; it will be similar to emailing back and forth.) 

I also do email readings, which are three cards only. For an email reading, once I’ve received your question or request for a general reading, I pull the cards and send you an email that includes thumbnail images of each card, the cards’ messages, and a brief expansion as I do in a real-time reading. Email readings don’t include the discussion period afterward, and the expansion may not be as full as in a real-time reading, but you still have the one-week option to contact me for further clarification about the reading.

I would love to do a reading for you! Readings are by appointment. To schedule, Contact Us or visit the Readings page for more information. You have the option on that page to purchase a reading and have me contact you for scheduling.

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