You might be wondering…

I’ve never heard of Chios® Energy Healing. Did you make it up?

No. Chios® is a newer healing modality, developed in the late 1990s-early 2000s by Stephen Barrett. Before becoming available to the public, Chios® was tested and refined over a period of several years. You can find out more about it on the official Chios® website.




How does energy healing work?

Energy exists everywhere, including the human body. The human energy system, made up of chakras and an energy field or “aura,” can affect or be affected by physical and mental factors. Injuries, illnesses, psychological trauma, and a number of other things can impact every aspect of someone’s health.

The energy that exists all around us, universal energy, isn’t affected by the same factors. In energy healing, the healer learns to become a conduit or channel between the universal energy and the client. Using this energy, the healer is able to repair and restore the client’s energy system, which usually leads to a sense of balance and well-being.

It is important to note that energy healing is not intended to replace or substitute for professional medical or mental health care. An energy healer is not a medical professional, and is not qualified to diagnose or medically treat health conditions.




Why should I choose Chios®?

Chios® includes many techniques that are unique to the modality. One of the more advanced Chios® techniques addresses harm and trauma from one’s past, including past lives. Even a basic Chios® session can have a profound impact on a client. 

Chios® is governed by a central institute, which ensures that all practitioners learn the same techniques and concepts and follow the same Code of Ethics. Chios® also strongly recommends, and provides resources for, ongoing learning and personal/spiritual growth for the practitioner. The developer of Chios®, Stephen Barrett, is still very active in the running of the Institute, including certifying all Chios® Master Teachers.




How can I be sure you know what you’re doing?

To become a Certified Chios® Master Teacher, I studied for several months with another Master Teacher, who taught me the basics of energy structure and human anatomy along with Chios® techniques and concepts. In order for me to be certified as a Master Teacher, my instructor had to contact the Chios® Institute and attest that I had met all requirements. I earned my certification in 2006, and have practiced Chios® ever since, though not always as a business.




I would only have to have one session, right?

Sure, if that’s all you want. However, you wouldn’t only go to a doctor once in your life, would you? Energy healing isn’t medical care, but it is most beneficial when repeated at certain intervals.

Energy healing is not a one-and-done thing. Some energy system issues require more than one session to complete fully, and, just as your body gets run down from time to time, your energy system will at times need to be recharged and rebalanced. For clients who are generally in good energetic shape, I recommend a session once every 4-6 weeks; for others, more or less frequently might be more beneficial. 




I have a tight schedule. How long does a session take?

The healing portion of an in-person session can be 60 or 30 minutes. All sessions allow for up to 15 minutes of consultation before and after the healing. Therefore, for a 30-minute Chios session, we schedule one hour; for a 60-minute, we schedule an hour and a half.

A distance healing session lasts 30 minutes, again scheduled for one hour to allow for consultation time.




Will you do a Chios® session for my child?

Only if your child wants one. Although you are their parent,  their free will still applies, and a healing session done against a client’s will is generally ineffective. Even a preschool-aged child can understand and agree to a healing session if it’s explained in age-appropriate terms.

If your child agrees, then yes, I can do a session for them. A child’s session is shorter and costs less than an adults, and you would need to contact to arrange time and payment.




Why do I have to pay for this? Shouldn’t healing just be shared?

Some practitioners do believe that healing is a gift, and therefore people shouldn’t be charged to receive it. However, although the training to become a healer might not be as rigorous or long as the education required to be, say, a teacher or doctor, it does still take time to learn and master the skills necessary to do this work. I believe that just as other professionals deserve compensation, healers have right and reason to choose to request fair exchange for their services.




What the heck is channeling?

Channeling is a process through which a human connects with a higher-vibrational being, such as a being of light or an angel, in order to share that being’s wisdom and insight with others. It is *not* the same as mediumship, in which someone communicates with departed spirits.




Why do I have to start my channeling session with a question? Don’t you and Shiva know what I’m going to ask?

I don’t know what you’re going to ask. Shiva does, but he believes free will overrules everything else. Asking a question to start your session indicates to Shiva that you’re there of your own free will, and are open to his responses.




Can someone else join me for my channeling session?

You’re welcome to have someone else attend your session, for example to take notes or so you’ll have someone to talk it over with afterward. However, if they’re participating, as in asking questions and joining the discussion, they will also have to pay for the session.




I forgot, or didn’t understand, what Shiva said during my session or in my email channeling. Can I have another for free?

No. You’ll be able to review your channeling with me at the end of an in-person or online session, at which time I can clarify to the best of my ability. You are solely responsible for remembering what is said, which is why I recommend that you either take notes or make an audio recording.

For an email channeling, you have the option to send one follow-up question to clarify Shiva’s responses to you. This follow-up email must be sent within a week of receiving your initial email channeling.




If Shiva’s the one answering my questions, why do I have to pay you?

Channeling is a learned skill involving months or years of practice and study. I put time and work into learning to provide this service. I am available to discuss and clarify your channeling session or email channeling once it has occurred, so Shiva isn’t the only one doing the work. Additionally, due to the energy shifts that occur when Shiva is present, channeling takes a toll on me physically, energetically, and mentally. You are also paying for my time; even when I’m in trance, my physical presence is still necessary.




Why won’t Shiva tell the future?

As mentioned above, Shiva believes that free will overrules everything else. Giving you specifics about your future might cause you to take, or not take, a course of action that wasn’t originally on your path. This in turn will alter the future about which Shiva has told you, as well as violating your free will by leading you to a course of action you would not otherwise have followed.

Although to Shiva all times exist simultaneously, he is aware that for humans it doesn’t work that way. He knows what future events will occur at any point, but from our perspective, the future is very changeable. He may be willing to give a generalized answer about what the highest probability future holds at the time of your session, but that, too, might change over time.




Why can’t I ask Shiva about my friends or family members, or about loved ones I’ve lost?

Free will again. If Shiva were to give you information about another person without their consent, he would violate their free will. He will answer questions about your role in someone else’s life, but not about their life. For example, “Why won’t my daughter do her homework” would be met with a refusal to answer, but “How can I help my daughter get better about doing her homework” would be acceptable.




How do I know you aren’t faking this?

You don’t. But nearly everyone who has had a channeling session with me has felt the energy shifts, as heat and/or tingling, when Shiva is present. Words can come from human brains. Many of the signs of trance channeling, such as my eyes remaining closed and even the lower pitch, slower pace, and accent of “my” voice when Shiva is using it, could possibly be faked. But there is no way to fake changes in the energy of a space.




If I’m not satisfied with my healing or channeling, do I get a refund?

Not usually. Once you have received a healing or channeling session, or received your email channeling, refunds will not be issued at the client’s request under any circumstances. However, a refund may be issued if I am unable to complete your session once it has begun, or if I am unable to provide your email channeling within two business days of receiving your questions.

For Chios instruction, generally once you have paid for the level(s) you intend to study, I will not issue a refund. However, if extraordinary life circumstances prevent you from completing your study, you may contact me to discuss a partial refund of what you have paid. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.




I really want to have a healing or channeling session, but I can’t afford your rates. Will you give me a discount?

Believe me, I understand not having financial resources. I’ve done my best to set rates that are accessible to most people. Because of this, in general, no, we don’t offer discounts.

However, if you have a strong need or desire for a session, under certain circumstances we may accept barter as partial payment, or be able to arrange a payment plan. If you feel this applies to you, please contact to explain your situation, and we’ll discuss it.