Energy and Balance

The basic idea of energy healing is to support physical, mental, and emotional healing through removing what I call the energetic “sludge” of your past experiences and clearing your energy field, clearing the system, so that healing and positivity can happen.

Now, I don’t believe in “only positive energy.” That isn’t realistic or possible. But when your system is bogged down by negative energy, you get stuck in a place where your past is impacting and affecting you. It perpetuates the negatives.

When you have negative or traumatic experiences, those are stored in your mind, your body, and your energy field. Energy healing doesn’t make it go away. But by having energy healing done, you clear out the energetic residue from those past experiences.

That residue might be blocking your energy from flowing optimally. It might be causing you to continue to be mired in the past. Having energy healing done helps to clear that and get things back into better flow and balance.

Balance is really important in our lives. That’s why I don’t go into all this “only positive love and light stuff,” because that is not balance. Light and dark both exist, and we need both of them. But when you’ve experienced trauma in the past, you aren’t in balance, because the trauma weighs you down. Energy healing doesn’t make trauma go away, but it starts to clear it from your energy field and bring you back into balance so that you can address the physical and mental/emotional aftereffects of your experiences.

Energy healing is not a medical treatment. It’s not meant to substitute for medical or mental health care. But having energy healing sessions done can help clear the negative residue of your past experiences, bringing your energy into better balance and flow. What affects the energy system also affects the mind and body, so energy healing can bring you into a better state of overall well-being and balance on all levels.

I practice a form of energy healing called Chios. The cool thing about energy healing is that energy is not limited by space or time, so I am able to do effective healing sessions with people who aren’t in the same physical space as me. I offer Chios distance healing sessions that include consultation with me over Zoom before and after the actual energy work; this consultation may include mindset coaching around thought patterns that are holding you back from embracing the power to heal.

If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to Contact Me or visit my Chios Energy Healing page!

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