Kim Winkler has been doing healing, channeling, readings, and other related activities for over a decade:

  • 2005- Began studying Chios energy healing and yoga, including yogic philosophy
  • 2006- Certified as a Chios Master Teacher (CCMT)
  • 2006- Began learning channeling, both relayed (guided readings) and trance channeling
  • 2006-2008- Practiced Chios and channeling under the name Jo Ramsey in southern Maine; also performed distance healing and online readings
  • 2007- Received certification as a yoga instructor
  • 2009- Relocated to Massachusetts
  • 2015- Began preparation for starting a healing practice in Massachusetts
  • 2016- Launched River Flow Healing
  • 2017- Received a Life Coaching diploma and certificates in Holistic Counseling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • 2017- Launched A Story You Tell Yourself

After a childhood of “just knowing” things, including instinctively healing herself and others, talking to trees, and having long conversations with her “imaginary friends,” Kim Winkler grew up never quite letting go of her beliefs in magic and other such things. In 2005, a chance meeting led to a friendship/mentorship through which Kim learned yoga, energy healing, and channeling, including the fact that her “imaginary” friends were actually her guides.

This friendship changed Kim’s life in many ways, and opened a new chapter for her in 2006 when she started a healing and channeling practice, which she operated both privately and through metaphysical stores in Portland, Maine.

In 2008, life circumstances put an end to Kim’s practice, though she continued informally working with others as an adviser and healer. She also raised two children, and in 2009 moved to Boston. Over the years she has addressed many issues that had held her back, and has recreated her life. Since 2009, Kim has become a multipublished author, including a number of young adult novels under the name Jo Ramsey.

In 2015, Kim felt called to restart her practice, and completed a Life Coaching course through You University. She has also studied spiritual counseling, Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Wicca. Kim is one of only four Certified Chios(R) Master Teachers in Massachusetts, and the only one in the Boston/North Shore area. She is an author, a mother, and a former public school teacher who continues to teach through other means. These skills and knowledge, along with her intuitive reading and healing skills, higher guidance, and the compassion and understanding she has gained as a trauma survivor whose life has undergone many changes, are incorporated into her practice.