You can become a healer!


Chios® Energy Healing provides balance and improves overall health and well-being for clients and healers alike. As a conduit for the universal energy that is everywhere around us, you’ll facilitate improvement and healing of your clients’ energy system, which in turn brings better physical and mental health.


Chios® instruction might be for you if:
– You have a strong desire to help others
– You believe energy healing is an effective way to supplement and improve health
– People have said you seem like a “natural healer”
– You’re willing to learn
– You’re willing to be serious in your studies and practice


The course consists of three levels.

In Level 1, you will learn the basics of energy healing, how to channel the energy, and how to treat a client’s chakras and energy field, and will receive a certificate of completion.

Level 2 builds upon Level 1 with more advanced techniques for balancing the energy system, removing energetic blocks, and repairing damage to the energy system, and will certify you as a Chios® Healing Practitioner.

Level 3 continues instruction in more advanced techniques, including powerful techniques for recharging the auras and healing damage from past lives, and will award you the degree of Certified Chios® Master Teacher, enabling you to instruct others in this exciting and effective modality.

For each level, I recommend you receive an attunement, which will enable you to more effectively and easily access and channel the universal energy. I also provide directed instruction in person or via email or other electronic means, and will assist you in your progression through the levels. (Receiving an attunement is not required to receive instruction; however, the cost is the same.) Attunements and instruction can be done in-person, or an attunement can be done by distance with instruction occurring via Skype or other video messaging.

Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement. Certification in energy healing does not qualify one as a medical professional.


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