Change your energy, change your life!

Wellness flows with Chios® Energy Healing!



Your life is fast-paced, leaving no time for self-care.

When you tell people you’re “fine,” you feel like you’re lying.

You need to rest, but your mind won’t settle down.

You don’t feel well, but can’t explain how.

You constantly seek balance.



Imagine feeling restored and whole. Knowing that your mind, body, and spirit are in balance. Losing the “don’t-feel-well-itis” and effects of stress. Being focused and alert, yet relaxed and positive.

Traditional medicine and do-it-yourself healing might not fix everything you’re experiencing. Chios® Energy Healing, an alternative healing method focused on balancing chakras and the energy field, addresses your holistic well-being on energetic, physical, and emotional levels, bringing you a sense of full wellness.





Wellness flows with Chios®!

Many different factors can contribute to poor health . The mind, body, and human energy system are all connected, and damage, illness, or injury in one can cause serious issues in the others.

Energy healing helps address health issues by balancing the seven major chakras, removing blocks in the chakras and energy field, and repairing energetic damage, through hands-on techniques. It’s part of a holistic approach to overall wellness.

By treating one’s energy system, Chios® Energy Healing brings a sense of relaxation, wholeness, and balance to clients, and can lead to clients feeling well and restored.

Chios® also includes techniques for energetically healing one’s past and past lives.


After Chios® sessions, my clients have reported:

– Better, more restful sleep
– Lowered effects of stress for several days after each session
– Better ability to focus and concentrate
– Absence of pain from injuries or surgeries
– A sense of being whole
– Reduction in chronic pain
– Calmer, more positive moods


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Distance Chios® sessions are $60 for 45-60 minutes including consultation. A 60-minute in-person session (60 minutes of healing, plus additional consultation time) is $90, and a 30-minute in-person session (30 minutes of healing, plus additional consultation time) is $72. A Chios® session with me includes:

-Up to 15 minutes of consultation time at the beginning and end of your session
-Compassion and understanding for any situations you’re dealing with
-Coaching and suggestions for continued healing work
-An emailed report of your session
-Up to a week of my email availability to answer your questions or concerns




Just as your body experiences wear-and-tear through daily life, so does your energy system. For your optimal and continued well-being, energy healing is most effective and yield the best results when you make space for and a commitment to regular, ongoing sessions, similar to the way regular exercise and other self-care is the most beneficial.

Your Chios Energy Healing sessions can be as frequent as once a week; I recommend clients have sessions at least once every 3-6 weeks for optimum results. To encourage continuity and commitment to your healing, I offer packages of 4 90-minute sessions, 4 60-minute sessions, or 4 distance sessions, at a 10% discount over the cost of paying separately for each session.

When purchasing a package, all sessions may be scheduled at time of purchase, or sessions may be scheduled one at a time. All sessions in a package must occur within 6 months of purchase date, or remaining sessions will be forfeited.

See what Chios® can do for you! Scroll down to read more about each type of session. Click here to schedule through our convenient calendar, and use the buttons on this page to pay via Paypal! Buy a 4-pack and schedule one or all sessions today!




Hands-On Healing

An in-person Chios® Energy Healing session provides the highest healing benefit, because being physically present with the client enables the healer to detect more issues with the energy system, and allows the use of techniques that are not available in distance healing sessions.

If you feel out of balance, or you experience what I call “don’t-feel-well-itis” (a general sense of unwellness with no specific medical cause), an in-person session might be right for you!

For those desiring optimum healing, a 60-minute session gives time to address most issues with your energy system. Although the healing itself lasts about 60 minutes, the session is scheduled for 90 minutes to allow for consultation time. Depending on the client’s need, a session may last longer than 90 minutes; in this case, there is no additional charge.

If you’re a bit pressed for time, a 30-minute session is sufficient to treat your chakras and energy field, but will not be as effective and doesn’t allow for the use of as many techniques as the longer session. This session consists of 30 minutes of healing time, and is scheduled for 1 hour to allow for consultation. Please note that this shortened session is not a standard Chios® procedure. Although I use Chios® techniques, I have compressed and slightly altered the standard session to accommodate a shorter time frame.

Your session begins with a short discussion. I’ll ask you a few questions about your health and any issues or concerns that may necessitate me modifying hand positions or techniques. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

For the energy healing procedure itself, you’ll begin by lying on your back on my massage table, which will be covered with a clean sheet. Pillows will be available if needed. I’ll call in the energy and greet the guides that assist me, and then will do a “mind’s-eye” scan of your energy system to determine what work is needed.

The remainder of the session may vary depending on your needs, but will include treatment of the chakras and energy field, as well as repairs of any holes in your energy field. You may be asked to lie on your stomach for a short portion of the session to allow me to more fully treat the chakras. At the end of the session, you’ll sit up slowly so that I can perform any final treatments that can’t be done with you lying down.

Finally, I’ll close the energy flow and thank the assisting guides. You and I will  discuss what I found and did during the session. Again, I’ll answer any questions you might have. We can then schedule your next session.

By the following day I’ll send you a written report of what we discussed. I’ll be available for up to a week by email in case of any additional questions or concerns that arise.

Interested? Click here or email schedule@riverflowhealing to book your in-person 30 or 60 minute session now, and pay using the buttons below!





Geography Doesn’t Apply

One of the cool things about energy healing is that, unlike most traditional medicine, energy isn’t bound by physical location. A distance energy healing session can be done with thousands of miles and several time zones between the client and the healer. All that’s required is that the client have a quiet place to lie down and rest for about 30 minutes.

Distance sessions are also good for those who are averse to physical touch.

NOTE: I generally only perform healing sessions during scheduled daytime business hours. However, under certain conditions I may be willing to do a session outside of my regular hours; let’s discuss it.

For a distance energy healing session, I ask the client to contact me by phone, Skype, or video messaging at the scheduled time. (Contact information will be provided.) We’ll consult about your health issues and concerns, and I’ll ask what you hope to gain through having the session. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have.

You’ll then need to lie down, or sit if lying down is not an option, in a quiet, relaxing space where you will not be interrupted for about 30 minutes. I will be doing the session through a process of visualization, using variations of the same energy healing techniques used in a mini-session. (See above.)

At the end of the time, I will contact you through the same means as the beginning contact to let you know we’re finished. I’ll explain to you what I found and did, and I’ll answer any questions you might have. We can schedule your next session, and by the following day I’ll send you a written report of what we discussed. I’ll be available for up to a week by email in case of any additional questions or concerns that arise.


Interested? Click here or email schedule@riverflowhealing to book your distance session now, and pay using the buttons below!





Your Practitioner, Kim Ramsey-Winkler

I chose to learn Chios® Energy Healing in 2005. A close friend of mine was a practitioner, and offered me a Chios® session to help address some physical and mental health issues I’d been experiencing. Although my friend didn’t know it, I had also been struggling with PTSD caused by childhood verbal abuse and sexual trauma.

The session brought partially-buried memories to the surface–and for the first time, I was able to discuss them. The healing my friend provided helped my chronic physical pain and lessened my depression and anxiety, and gave me the strength to face my past traumas and begin a healing journey that included additional Chios® Energy Healing sessions as well as yoga and conventional mental health therapy.

After that first session, I knew I needed to learn Chios® so I could help others the way my friend had helped me. I began training with him right away, and within a few months had reached the level of Certified Chios® Master Teacher, enabling me to provide both energy healing services and energy healing instruction to others. I am not a medical professional and do not provide medical or mental health services, but Chios® has helped my clients gain a sense of balance and wellness.

I’m thrilled to be able to provide this highly beneficial energy healing modality to my clients, and I hope to work with you soon!


What’s Next?

When you book your Chios Energy Healing session using the calendar here, we’ll receive a notification and will contact you by email to confirm the date and time, as well as to arrange the contact method for a distance session. In-person sessions will be held at Vita Therapia, 234 Littleton Rd. Suite 1B, Westford, MA. By special arrangement, I may be able to provide your energy healing session at your home or location of your choosing; in this case, mileage charges apply over 10 miles from Lynn, MA.

If you haven’t paid using our Paypal buttons above, we will also ask whether you prefer to be invoiced or, for an in-person session, bring your payment (cash or credit card) to the session. Payment made in person is expected at the beginning of the session. Payment for a distance session must be made in advance of the session. If you are unable to pay through Paypal, please let us know so we can work out a solution with you.

If you haven’t had an energy healing session with River Flow Healing previously, you’ll also receive our new client forms. The Client Information Form, Release of Liability and Consent to Treat, Notice of Right to Confidentiality, and Fee Agreement must be signed and returned to us by email as Word attachments no later than the day before your appointment. If you’re unable to return them by email, we will provide our postal mailing address on request.

The optional Confidentiality Waiver, if signed, allows me to communicate about your energy work with a person or people of your choosing; if there is no one with whom you’d like me to communicate, you don’t need to return this form.

The day before your session, we’ll email you to confirm. If you’re unable to make your session, please give us at least 12 hours notice, in which case you’ll receive a 75% refund of any prepayment you’ve made. A no-show without a minimum of 12 hours’ prior notice will result in forfeiting any prepayment or being billed for the session cost if prepayment wasn’t made.

On the day of your Chios Energy Healing session, I’ll see you at our scheduled time!


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Due to the nature of energy work, during or after your session, memories and impressions from your past that you had buried or set aside might resurface. As your healer, I am available between sessions to talk with you and help you process anything that arises. However, particularly for those with a history of trauma, I strongly recommend having access to support from family, friends, or others, including professional help if warranted.

Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement. Follow your doctor’s advice at all times.

Scheduling energy healing services with River Flow Healing grants your automatic consent to be added to our mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Mileage charges for in-person sessions for which I travel to your location may apply for distances over 10 miles from Lynn, MA, and will be invoiced separately. Please see our Terms page for important information about payment policies.