Create your best life with Chios® Energy Healing!



Your life is fast-paced, leaving no time for self-care.

You need to rest, but your mind won’t settle down.

You don’t feel well, but can’t explain how.

You constantly seek balance.



Imagine feeling restored and whole. Knowing that your mind, body, and spirit are in balance. Losing the “don’t-feel-well-itis” and effects of stress. Being focused and alert, yet relaxed and positive.

Traditional medicine and do-it-yourself healing might not fix everything you’re experiencing. Chios® Energy Healing, an alternative healing method focused on balancing chakras and the energy field, addresses your holistic well-being on energetic, physical, and emotional levels, bringing you a sense of full wellness.

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Wellness flows with Chios®!

Many different factors can contribute to poor health. The mind, body, and human energy system are all connected, and damage, illness, or injury in one can cause serious issues in the others.

Energy healing helps address these issues through hands-on or distance techniques designed to restore balance and flow to the energy system and repair energetic damage caused by physical or mental illness or injuries. It’s part of a holistic approach to overall wellness. Distance and hands-on healing are equally effective.

By treating one’s energy system, Chios® Energy Healing brings a sense of relaxation, wholeness, and balance to clients, and can lead to clients feeling well and restored.

Chios® also includes techniques for energetically healing one’s past in the current lifetime as well as past lives.


After Chios® sessions, my clients have reported:

– Better, more restful sleep
– Lowered effects of stress for several days after each session
– Better ability to focus and concentrate
– Reduction in chronic pain
– Calmer, more positive moods


A Chios® session with me includes:

-Chios energy healing techniques for restoring balance and flow to your energy system
-Consultation, mindset coaching, and suggestions for continued healing work
-An emailed report of your session
-Up to a week of my email availability to answer your questions or concerns


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Geography Doesn’t Apply

Unlike most traditional medicine, energy isn’t bound by physical location. A distance energy healing session can be done with thousands of miles and several time zones between the client and the healer. All that’s required is that the client have a quiet place to lie down and rest, as well as an internet connection to speak with me by video chat. Distance sessions are also good for those who are averse to physical touch or who are ill or immunocompromised.

For a distance energy healing session, I ask the client to contact me by Zoom or Facebook video messaging at the scheduled time. (Contact information will be provided.) We’ll discuss your issues and concerns and what you hope to gain through having the session. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have.

You’ll then need to lie down, or sit if lying down is not an option, in a quiet, relaxing space where you will not be interrupted for about 30 minutes. I will be doing the session through a process of visualization in which I envision performing a standard, though slightly shorter, Chios session. Most Chios techniques can be done in this manner as effectively as in person, so a distance healing session has many of the same benefits as a hands-on session.

When the energy work is complete, I will contact you through the same means as the beginning contact to explain to you what I found and did, and to answer any questions you might have. We can schedule your next session, and by the following day I’ll send you a written report of what we discussed. I’ll be available for up to a week by email in case of any additional questions or concerns that arise.







Scheduling Your Session

Sessions include approximately 15 minutes at the beginning and end for consultation and mindset coaching, included in the cost of the session. Distance Chios® sessions are $100 for 60 minutes including consultation. 

Healing is not a one-and-done process. Just as your body experiences wear-and-tear through daily life, so does your energy system. For your optimal and continued well-being, energy healing is most effective and yields the best results when you make space for and a commitment to regular, ongoing sessions.  To encourage continuity and commitment to your healing, I offer packages of 4 distance sessions at a 10% discount over the cost of paying separately for each session.*

Your Chios® Energy Healing sessions can be as frequent as once a week; I recommend clients have sessions at least once a month for best results. 

*When purchasing a package, all sessions may be scheduled at time of purchase, or sessions may be scheduled one at a time. All sessions in a package must occur within 6 months of purchase date or remaining sessions will be forfeited.


NOTE: Owing to a current issue with my physical health, I have chosen to stop offering distance Chios Energy Healing sessions until November 2, 2020
Until further notice, in-person Chios sessions will not be available.


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Your Practitioner, River Lightbearer

(Also known as Kim Ramsey-Winkler.) In 2005, I was experiencing physical and mental health issues, as well as the resurfacing of traumatic memories. A close friend of mine was a Certified Chios® Master Teacher, and offered me a Chios® session to help address some physical and mental health issues I’d been experiencing. 

The session brought partially-buried memories to the surface–and for the first time, I was able to discuss them. The healing my friend provided helped my chronic physical pain and lessened my depression and anxiety, and gave me the strength to face my past traumas and begin a healing journey that included additional Chios® Energy Healing sessions as well as yoga and conventional mental health therapy.

After that first session, I knew I needed to learn Chios® so I could help others the way my friend had helped me. I began training with him right away, and within a few months had reached the level of Certified Chios® Master Teacher, enabling me to provide both energy healing services and energy healing instruction to others. I am not a medical professional and do not provide medical or mental health services, but Chios® has helped my clients gain a sense of balance and wellness.

I’m thrilled to be able to provide this highly beneficial energy healing modality to my clients, and I hope to work with you soon!







Due to the nature of energy work, during or after your session, memories and impressions from your past that you had buried or set aside might resurface. As your healer, I am available between sessions to talk with you and help you process anything that arises. However, particularly for those with a history of trauma, I strongly recommend having access to support from family, friends, or others, including professional help if warranted.

Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement. Follow the advice of your medical and mental health providers at all times.