Chios® Energy Healing


Many different factors can contribute to poor health . The mind, body, and human energy system are all connected, and damage, illness, or injury in one can cause serious issues in the others. Energy healing helps address health issues by balancing the seven major energy centers, removing blocks in the chakras and energy field, and repairing energetic damage. It’s part of a holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

Years ago, I learned Chios® Energy Healing, an energy-center-focused modality that helps with present-day illness and stress and includes certain techniques to work toward healing the past. I’ve found Chios® to be incredibly effective, and I’m excited to offer it to my clients. As a Certified Chios® Master Teacher, I also offer instruction in the modality.

Just as you maintain your physical health, dental health, fitness, etc., maintaining your energetic health is highly recommended. I suggest monthly or quarterly visits; for some ongoing health issues, more frequent sessions might be beneficial.

I offer three types of Chios® sessions. Click below for more information.
Full sessions
Distance sessions


Due to the nature of energy work, during or after your session, memories and impressions from your past that you had buried or set aside might resurface. As your healer, I am available between sessions to talk with you and help you process anything that arises. However, particularly for those with a history of trauma, I strongly recommend having access to support from family, friends, or others, including professional help if warranted.

Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care. It is intended solely as a supplement. Follow your doctor’s advice at all times.



Chios® Instruction

Do you have the desire to help others? Do you feel drawn to not only being healed, but being a healer? Learning energy healing is not something to be undertaken lightly, but can be a valuable and rewarding practice.

The course consists of three levels. Click here for more information: Chios® Instruction


To find out more about Chios® Energy Healing, please visit the official Chios® website.




I have had the pleasure to be the recipient of Kim’s energy healing. In addition to the experience yielding one of the most relaxing sessions I’ve had, she was also able to clarify many aspects of elements that have been troubling me. I highly recommend her service.
~R. P., Belmont, MA


I recently received an energy healing and guided reading from Kim and was very pleased with it. I felt a lot better after the healing, and when she explained what she found, everything made sense. The guided reading I received was informative and eye opening. It was spot on regarding my thoughts and anxieties. I now feel more confident about my decisions. Thanks Kim! Definitely doing this again!
~M.S.B., Versailles, KY