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From August 24-September 14, 2020, no channeling sessions or email channelings will be available as I recover from surgery. Channeling availability will resume Sept. 15.
In-person channeling sessions will not be available during the COVID-19 crisis.



Guidance from a being of light!

Insight and wisdom to help you change your life

-You know there’s more to yourself and life than what you see, but you doubt yourself
-Trauma from your past has hidden your inner light, and you want to find it again
-You’ve lost touch with yourself and your intuition
-You aren’t one to reach out for help; you’re the one to whom others reach out
-You need to hear, “You’re right, you’ve always been right, and it’s time to act.”

A channeling session can change your life!

Imagine receiving gentle guidance from a consciousness with no judgment or agendas. The insight you need to identify the aspects of your life in need of change, and the understanding to implement those changes. The support of someone who knows you’ve always been right and can tell you the steps to take to act.

No matter how objective people want to be, we all have our own biases and are limited by what we’ve learned and experienced. Wisdom channeled from a higher consciousness holds no bias or limitations, only the information and compassion you need.

In channeling, a human connects with a higher-vibrational being to offer that being’s wisdom and insight to other people. The connection might be relayed, where the channel listens to the being’s responses and passes them along, or trance, where the channel allows the being’s consciousness to enter their body and speak directly to others.

For several lifetimes, and for over a decade in this lifetime, I’ve channeled a being of light called Shiva, who also serves as my guide. I’m thrilled to be able to bring Shiva’s insight and wisdom to my clients!

In a session with Shiva and me, you’ll experience a discussion with a benevolent being of light who has chosen the purpose of guiding humans to a better life.

These sessions bring clients:
A sense of being heard and supported
Clarity to make tough decisions
Guidance on steps toward changing their life
Positive, healing energy

Channeling is always by the choice of the humans and the being. A benevolent being will never speak through a channel without consent or force information on a client, and the channel or client can choose to end the communication and connection at any time. 

I offer real-time channeling sessions online ( Facebook video messenger is preferred, but Zoom is also possible), of 30 minutes for $100 or 60 minutes for $145. These sessions include the option for up to 15 minutes of additional “debriefing” time with me, at no extra charge, after you’ve heard Shiva’s messages.
You may also request a channeling by email. An email channeling includes answers to up to 3 questions, plus one follow-up email for clarification, for $60.
Find out what Shiva has to say about your life! Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to pay for your session via Paypal. Once you’ve paid, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a mutually convenient appointment time, or you are welcome to email
For an email channeling, please pay via the button below and include your questions in the “notes” field on Paypal, or email your questions to with the subject line “Email channeling.” Please include proof of payment and the name you use on Paypal in the body of your email.


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How It Works

Channeling sessions can be done through relay, in which Shiva tells me his responses and I speak to you, or through trance channeling, in which I allow Shiva’s consciousness to enter and work through me, giving you the opportunity to speak with him directly. You’ll be able to choose which type of channeling you’d like when I contact you to confirm your appointment. 

Relayed channeling appears much like a normal conversation, although I will stop and at times may close my eyes to hear Shiva’s replies. You will, particularly if you’re sensitive to energy, feel the energy shift as Shiva enters the space, which may include sensations like tingling or heat.

In trance channeling, I enter a trance state and allow Shiva’s consciousness to enter my body and speak directly through me. My eyes remain closed, and “my” voice when used by Shiva sounds noticeably different from my normal speaking voice. The energy shift will be more intense than during a relayed channeling session.

An in-person or virtual channeling session with Shiva and me is a conversation rather than a monologue. Shiva believes strongly in free will, and will not answer questions that have not been explicitly asked, including at the beginning of a session. Once he or I has greeted you (depending on whether you’re having a trance or relayed channeling session, you’ll need to ask a question to get things rolling. We also want to hear your thoughts, questions, and concerns about what we share with you, as well as allow you opportunities to follow up on anything we say that leads you to wanting additional information.

Until further notice, due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, only virtual sessions are available. These will take place via either Facebook video messenger or Zoom; choosing which one is part of the scheduling process.

During a channeling session, you are completely safe. Shiva and I have worked together in numerous lifetimes, and he is as benevolent as he claims. I take steps to cleanse and protect the space, myself, and my client before we begin, and if you have rituals such as casting a circle to protect yourself, you are welcome to do so.

For an email channeling, you’ll be able to ask up to three questions, with the option for one follow-up question, for clarification purposes only, after you receive Shiva’s response.

Because of the vital importance of observing free will, Shiva will not give specific details about future events. He may, however, offer less specific information, or tell you what the highest probability for the future is at the time of your session.

Likewise, he will not give information about other people without their express consent, because doing so would violate their free will.

Finally, channeling is not mediumship. We will not be able to tell you anything about loved ones who have passed on.


Wondering what Shiva has to tell you? Use the Paypal buttons below to purchase your session!
For an email channeling, pay using the button below and include your questions in the “notes” field on Paypal, or email your questions to with the subject line “email channeling.”






Your Channel- River Lightbearer

(Also known as Kim Ramsey-Winkler.) As a child, I had several “invisible friends.” Although the adults around me tried to convince me those friends were imaginary, I knew better. They were real, they protected me, and they gave me the advice and support the humans around me didn’t provide.

As I got older, those invisible friends didn’t go away. Through high school and several years of adulthood, I relied on them for support and guidance. I didn’t know for certain what they were, only that they loved and protected me, and on days when I felt like giving up, they helped me keep going.

In 2005, I formed a close friendship with someone who taught me Chios® Energy Healing. He was also a trance channel, and he and his guide were kind enough to offer me sessions to help me address issues that were occurring in my life at the time. I learned that my “invisible” friends” were actually my guides, beings who worked with me to support me in life.

Through the work my friend and his guide did with me, I reconnected with my primary guide, a being of light called Shiva. At my request–and his guide’s recommendation–my friend taught me trance channeling, and within a few months I began channeling for others.

I am not a medical professional and do not provide medical or mental health services. Likewise, Shiva is not qualified as a professional (because it’s really hard for non-bodied beings to get university degrees) and will not provide services or advice in those areas or on legal matters. However, his advice and wisdom are profoundly beneficial to those who seek it.

I’m thrilled to be able to provide this service to my clients, and I hope to work with you soon!








Will Channeling Benefit you?

Channeling might be for you if:
You’re seeking guidance and advice about next steps in your life
You’re open to suggestions and information from a new source
You want to feel supported and heard
You need a new perspective
You’re willing to listen even if you don’t like what you hear

Channeling is NOT for you if:
You want someone to tell you what to do
You’re looking for specific predictions about the future
You want information about other people
You’re hoping to connect with loved ones who have passed on


What’s Next

Once you’ve scheduled your session, I’ll send you confirmation and the method of contact. If this is your first channeling session, the confirmation email will also include an agreement form which needs to be completed and returned no later than the day before your appointment. You’ll also let me know whether you prefer trance or relayed channeling.

On the day of the session, you’ll contact me by the agreed-on method at the scheduled time. You and I will have a short discussion about what you’re hoping to gain from the session and what you might expect during it. After that, I’ll set a timer for the duration of your session, and we’ll begin.

During the session itself, you and I will both remain seated. You’ll be able to ask additional questions, including asking for clarification if needed, until the end of the session.

Because of the energy shifts involved, I generally retain little to no memory of what’s said during a channeling session. Clients have told me that they, too, have trouble remembering much about the session afterward. I recommend you either take notes or record the session on your phone or other audio device. I do not allow video recordings.

After the channeling is complete, you’ll have the option of up to 15 minutes to discuss and process with me. 

For an email channeling, once we have your questions, you can expect a response within two business days. You’ll have the option to send one follow-up question for clarification within a week of receiving your response.

Once payment has been made for an in-person or online session, a full refund may be issued if the session is canceled 48 hours prior to the scheduled time, and a 75% refund may be issued if the session is canceled 6 hours prior. Otherwise, no refunds will be issued unless I am unable to complete your channeling.

Receive the loving support you deserve as you work to change your life! Pay for your session using the buttons below. I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your session, or you’re welcome to email
For an email channeling, use the button below and enter your questions in the “Notes” field on Paypal, or send your questions to with subject line “email channeling.”

Imagine having compassionate support and guidance as you create your new, best life! Schedule a session with or request an email from Kim and Shiva today!