Change Is Coming

As a business owner, periodically I revisit what I offer and compare it with what I’m feeling called to do. Sometimes they still match. Sometimes, I need to make some changes.

For almost five years, I have been offering energy healing sessions. Until last year, I was also offering energy healing instruction, which I suspended when I recognized some flaws in how I was providing the instruction and in how I chose which students to work with. Obviously, at this point, all sessions are done by distance, with consultation over Zoom. 

I intend to continue offering sessions, and hope to be able to resume in-person sessions before the end of 2021. I also plan to resume offering instruction, probably sometime in summer or fall of this year once I’ve fine-tuned how I want to do it.

For about a year and a half, I’ve been offering channeling sessions and channeled messages by email. This is something I really enjoy doing, and I intend to continue offering it. As with energy healing, right now channeling sessions are done remotely over Zoom, but I hope to be able to offer them in-person again within the next several months.

This past fall, I started offering oracle card readings. While those are fun, and I’m happy for the opportunity to use my exclusive Seascapes Oracle deck, I haven’t gotten the response I’d hoped for when I introduced the readings. I may stop offering them, but I haven’t fully decided yet.

In addition to those things, within the next few months, likely this spring, I’m planning to offer consulting services to business owners, particularly coaches and healing practitioners, who want to have a more gender-inclusive and/or trauma-informed practice. 

As a nonbinary-gender human who is also a trauma survivor, and having done a good amount of studying and research, these are things I’m able to help others address in their business, and needs I’ve been seeing among the entrepreneurs I know in various online groups. In addition to the consulting, I am considering offering some workshops about these topics.

My energy healing and channeling sessions always come with a “side order” of mindset coaching. Pre-pandemic, I was in the process of creating a 6 or 8-week program that would combine the three things to help people “jumpstart” into creating their best lives. I’m revisiting that and am considering introducing it later this year. I’m also considering the possibilities of having a program that is only energy healing and coaching and another that is only channeling and coaching.

Another topic I’ve been seeing more frequent questions about online is guides and channeling. Since I’ve been working with my guides literally since before I can remember, and I’ve been intentionally channeling since 2006, this is another area about which I have information to offer. I’m in the process of creating some books and resources, and may also offer workshops and classes later this year.

Just as life in general is a dynamic, constantly-changing thing, a business run as a “solopreneur” is as well. This is just an overview or some of the changes I’m making or considering for RiverEvolutions over the coming year. I’ll let you all know as I create and introduce new services, resources, and classes.

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