Release the past’s hold on you

You can create your best life!


You’ve experienced abuse or other trauma and are held back by its effects

You feel like you’re stuck in your life and don’t know how to get out

You feel tired, lost, and unsupported

You take care of others at the cost of yourself

All your life, you’ve believed other people deserve good things, but you don’t

You feel strong compassion and empathy for everyone except yourself

You know what you want, but don’t believe you can have it

You want to create your best life, but can’t figure out how



The Best Life Jumpstart program can help!

Imagine realizing that the voices in your mind that say you aren’t good enough aren’t yours. Finding the power to shut down and shut up those voices. 

Imagine hearing your true voice, the one that knows who you are underneath everything you’ve experienced. The one that knows your power, knows what you want, and knows how to create it.

Imagine receiving compassion, guidance, and support–and learning to feel and provide those things for yourself. Finding your power and using it to create the best life you want to live. Knowing who you truly are instead of who others said you were.

Your healing journey is yours and yours only. Only you have the right to determine how, when, and whether to heal from your past, and only you have the right to decide how long that will take. But your journey belonging only to you doesn’t mean you have to take the journey alone. Finding support from a practitioner who respects your needs and time while guiding you past the roadblocks and bumpy spots can be invaluable. That’s where Best Life Jumpstart comes in.



How It Works

When you’ve lived with abuse, bullying, or other trauma, those experiences become imprinted in your psyche. Things others have said or done to you can become so ingrained you believe they are part of you, and that can cause negative thought patterns that define your life. But you are not your past, and no one else can create who you are. That’s up to you—and I’d love to help you create your best life.

Using Chios® Energy Healing, we’ll rebalance your energy system, bringing smoother flow, calmness, and clarity to your mind and body. Chios® can also help ease physical exhaustion and other issues, though it is not intended as medical care and should not be used as a substitute for regular health care.

The healing work is combined with mindset coaching designed to help you identify the thought and behavior patterns that hold you back, their origins, and changes you can implement to create a healthier way of viewing and relating to yourself. Through our coaching sessions, we’ll work together to determine the course you want your life to take and how you might get there.

The Best Life Jumpstart program lasts 12 weeks, and includes six 60-minute Chios® sessions, one 60-minute coaching session to lay our groundwork, and eleven 30-minute coaching sessions. You may have “homework” assignments designed to continue your healing and creation work between sessions. I am also available to you by email on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to answer any questions or address any concerns you have. Throughout the program and beyond, you have my compassion and support.

You may opt to work with me in person at my office at Coworks @ Vita Therapia, 234 Littleton Rd. Suite 1B, Westford, MA, or virtually/by distance over Facebook video messenger or Skype. (Distance Chios sessions last 30 minutes rather than 60, and we will both be away from electronics for the duration of that time.) You may also opt for a combination, for example having in-person Chios sessions but virtual coaching.

I am enrolling beta clients through February 29 at an investment of $297 plus feedback and a testimonial if earned. Beginning March 1, investment for the program will be $1299. If you are accepted to the program and choose to enroll, you will receive a client information form, contract/fee agreement, a liability release, and a privacy notice from me by email. These forms must be completed and returned, and payment must be received, prior to scheduling your first appointment. Once I have received your payment and forms, I will contact you to work out a schedule that is convenient for both of us. I offer client sessions between 11am-2pm Eastern time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


Your Practitioner, Kim Ramsey-Winkler

I’ve been on my own healing journey most of my adult life, after experiencing trauma, abuse, and bullying for many years. I’m no stranger to those mental voices that say, “You suck, you’ll never be good enough,” and much of my inner work has included recognizing the origin of those voices and learning to hear my own true thoughts instead of the insults and abuse from others.

In 2005, a friend introduced me to Chios Energy Healing, a modality that treats and repairs the human energy system to facilitate emotional and physical healing. In 2006, I attained the level of Certified Chios Master Teacher and began offering healing sessions and instruction to others. My compassion, calming energy, and skills with the modality have helped bring healing to numerous people. I also hold a diploma in life coaching and am an experienced channel; my skills and training in these areas are included in the healing work I provide to my clients.

As an abuse survivor, I’m sensitive to the needs of survivors. I’m also experienced in working with people who are neurodivergent, touch averse, or who live with mental illness, and I welcome clients from the LGBTQIA community or who live alternative lifestyles or relationship styles.


Interested? Click below to schedule an inquiry call to find out whether the Best Life Jumpstart program is right for you!

(I am neither a licensed medical professional nor a licensed mental health professional, and do not offer medical or mental health services or advice. My work to support and coach abuse/trauma survivors is based on my own experience, therapy, and studies, and may not be right or beneficial for everyone.)

Chios® sessions are also available a la carte; see our Chios page for more information!