One of the best New Year’s goals I can think of is to accept yourself. It’s something some of us have a lot of difficulty with.

What are the things about yourself that you have a hard time accepting? Try looking at those things in a different way. Take the time to focus on the things you do like about yourself. All the good qualities you have, because I guarantee you have them.

(Right now, I’m having a hard time accepting that I’m having trouble writing this blog post. But I’ve written a lot of other posts that are better, and that have helped people, so I’m going to think about those instead of how much I’m struggling.)

We live in a society where too many of us are taught to look at our flaws, and others’ flaws as well, instead of looking at all the positives about ourselves and others. How much better would things be if we could stop being harsh about ourselves and others, and be kind instead.

Almost everyone deserves kindness and acceptance. We deserve good things. So be good to yourself.

2 thoughts on “Accepting

  1. Beth Lauzier says:

    Great post. I really need that reminder today. Don’t focus on the bad, but on the good. ?

    1. riverflowhealing says:

      Exactly. It’s too easy sometimes to only see the negatives. I’m glad the post was useful for you!

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