I’ve been on a journey…

As a child, I believed in magic. I talked to the trees and the wind, and to my “invisible friends.” I knew I was powerful and that I had something important to accomplish in the world. 

But others in my life disagreed. They told me I was crazy. That I was weak and powerless. They told me I was too much trouble, and no one loved or wanted me or ever would. For years, I experienced sexual and emotional abuse from several people, and I was severely bullied by my peers. Their negative beliefs and words became dirt that coated me so thickly I didn’t realize it wasn’t part of me, and those beliefs and words became mine.

Even so, deep inside I still believed in magic. I knew, even if I didn’t fully accept, that the things people said and did to me had far more to do with them than with me. I felt that I was loved and wanted, although I wasn’t certain by whom. That power was still within me, and I still had things to accomplish. Several years ago, I began digging my way out of others’ dirt and embarked on my healing journey.

At first, I undertook that journey alone. Over time, I realized I had support from other humans and from my “invisible friends,” a/k/a my guides. I sought professional therapy. But I still did most of the work on my own, and it was a long process. Having someone to guide me through the journey, someone who had actually been there, would have been a huge benefit, and having others taking the same journey with me also would have been a help.

I’m here to work with others by giving support, offering guidance, and aiding in their healing, and to help them find others who will walk with them as well. My own journey isn’t yet complete–and truthfully, no one’s journey is complete as long as they’re alive–but I can bring tools and skills to those who have started down their path.

I look forward to walking with you.