“Your life is a story you tell yourself.”

You’re feeling stuck. Like nothing will ever change, and everything is holding you down. Maybe your job isn’t what you want, or you’re struggling with your relationships with family, friends, or your partner. As a child, you had dreams, but surely it’s too late to fulfill them now.

In your head, a constant loop plays. “You aren’t good enough.” “You don’t deserve good things.” “You’ll never get where you want to go.” Words from your past that leave you feeling powerless.

You know there’s more for you. You know the power to change exists. If only you could find it…


Reclaim Your Power from the Past

You do have the power to change what makes you unhappy in your life, and you can find that power within you.

You can learn to counter the negative thoughts that have become the story you tell about yourself.

You can find the confidence to try things you’ve always wanted to try. To fulfill those childhood dreams, or the ones you have today.

You can create a new story in which you’re living a more fulfilling life.


Imagine yourself 6 weeks from now, on the way to creating a new story for your life!

Identify negative self-talk originating in your past, and find the words to counter it through positive affirmations.

Uncover unrealized dreams, and gain the tools to work toward making them a reality.

Through guided meditations, find the “cornerstone” of power within you, and encounter your child self to tell her what you most needed to hear at that time in your life.

Receive support from someone who has undergone her own journey to self-acceptance and empowerment. This isn’t therapy; it’s guidance from someone who’s been where you are.


Here’s What to Expect Each Week:

Every week, we will meet via video chat for about one hour to discuss your needs and progress. You’ll be given a homework assignment for five of the six sessions to continue your work. It’s strongly recommended that you also keep a daily journal.

Week 1:
We’ll discuss your needs and the results you hope for from this program. You’ll then brainstorm a list of 10 negative things you say or think about yourself, then say something positive to counter each thing. We’ll discuss the roots of those beliefs.
Using your positive counter-statements and the Affirmations worksheet, you’ll construct affirmations for your ongoing use.
Homework: Make the affirmations a daily practice. This practice should continue through the rest of the program. Begin a daily journal to keep throughout the program.

Week 2:
How does the word “power” make you feel? Do you believe you have power? We’ll discuss the difference between power within and power over.
You’ll be introduced to the cornerstone imagery. A cornerstone is your safe space, where you can rest and retreat if things are too frightening, but it’s also sort of a charging station where you can rebuild your power.
This session will be kept to 30-45 minutes, with the remainder of the usual amount of time being a Chios distance healing session.
Homework: Listen to guided meditation #1, “Cornerstone.” Continue affirmations and journaling.

Week 3:
We’ll begin by discussing your cornerstone and how you’ve felt since the Chios session, including any memories that arose as a result.
Who were you as a child? What were your dreams? We’ll discuss what has changed for you since childhood, and what you would say to your child self if you could meet them.
Homework: Listen to guided meditation #2, “Meet Your Children.” After the meditation, write a letter to your past self using the Letter to the Child worksheet. Continue affirmations and journaling.

Week 4:
We’ll discuss your homework. How did the meditation make you feel? What memories did you encounter? If you’re comfortable, you’ll share your letter.
We’ll then discuss dreams you had as a child and have now, and changes you would like to make in your life. What’s holding you back? Do you believe you can make those changes?
Homework: List the changes you would like to make and/or dreams you would like to fulfill. Focus only on what the dreams are, and ignore the how and the probability level.  Continue affirmations and journaling.

Week 5:
We’ll discuss your dreams and changes list and whether you believe they can be fulfilled. If not, why not? We’ll also talk about why you didn’t make changes or fulfill the dreams sooner, and what is different in your life that might enable you to achieve them now. You’ll choose one dream you might still fulfill, and we’ll begin brainstorming ways you might do so.
This session, as with session 2, will be shortened so a Chios healing can occur.
Homework: Continue work on how to fulfill this dream. That might include further brainstorming, Googling, talking to others, etc. (Fulfilling the Dream worksheet). Continue affirmations and journaling.

Week 6:
This is the final session. We’ll begin by discussing how you’ve felt since the Chios session.
We’ll then work to determine the first step and some “baby steps” toward meeting the dream you’ve chosen, and we’ll talk about where you are now compared to when you began this program. What’s changed for them, both internally and externally? How do they feel about their present and future?
This is your “graduation.” How will you celebrate it?


Until March 1, your investment is only $395! Here’s what you get:

  • 6 one-on-one online coaching meetings with me- a $600 value
  • 2 Chios(R) Energy Healing distance sessions- a $100 value
  • 2 recorded guided meditations for your ongoing use- a $10 value
  • Unlimited contact with me via email (answered during business hours) during the six week program- up to a $500 value
  • One free follow-up coaching session (must be used within three months of completing the program- a $100 value

That’s a total value of $1310–for only $395!


A Story You Tell Yourself is for you if:

  • The story you tell yourself is based on your past, not your present.
  • You want to change your life, but don’t believe you have the power to change.
  • A constant thought-loop of “not good enough” plays in your mind.
  • You blame today’s problems and dissatisfaction with your life on things that occurred in the past.
  • You experienced abuse, trauma, and/or frequent bullying as a child.
  • You’re ready to create a new story about yourself!


I’m Kim Ramsey-Winkler, and I can’t wait to help you write your new story!


I used to believe I wasn’t in control of my story. My life was a thing that happened to me, and the dialogue in my head was put there by other people. But I’ve learned I can create my own life instead of letting others’ creations hold me back. Through work with meditations and counseling, and support from loved ones, I changed the script in my head.

I fulfilled my dreams of becoming a published author and a teacher. I studied counseling and healing, and gained connection with my spirituality. I found people with whom I truly belonged. And now I want to pass along to others the tools and techniques through which I made those changes. I would love to work with you!


I’m ready to change my story!

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