Looking Ahead to 2021

Happy New Year!

2020 has definitely been one heck of a ride. At this time last year, I sat here making plans for expanding RiverEvolutions, for services and workshops I wanted to offer and for how to bring more visibility to what I do.

And then there was a pandemic.

Instead of being a year of attracting more clients, 2020 was a year of attracting fewer. But it was also a year of taking better care of myself and of doing some serious inner work on my “shadows.” It’s been a beneficial year in a number of ways for me, even if it hasn’t been the year I’d hoped.

I’m cautious about planning for 2021, because I understand more than ever how quickly and vastly things can change. But I do have some things in store.

I’m still offering energy healing sessions, channeling sessions, and my most recent addition, oracle card readings. These services are open to anyone who is interested, but my heart is in working with those who have experienced abuse and trauma and are working to embrace their inner power to create their best lives. The tools and services I offer are those that have helped me in my own healing journey from abuse and trauma and in claiming my own power, and I am excited to offer them to others.

Any time I’ve done sessions with others, mindset coaching becomes part of it. Mindset coaching is gentle guidance and encouragement in recognizing the thought and behavior patterns that hold you back from creating your best life, and identifying ways to counter and break those patterns. This will also continue in 2021, and will be explicitly included. It isn’t a separate service and doesn’t include a separate cost; it’s part of whichever service you choose to have with me. And it is optional; if you aren’t interested in any discussion or coaching around mindset blocks, we can leave it out.

All sessions until further notice are done on Zoom or Facebook video messenger. Zoom is my current preference because of the ability to record the sessions for the client’s future reference, but I have to admit I find Facebook video a bit easier technologically. So it’s up to the client which they prefer. I won’t be offering in-person sessions until I feel confident in doing so without risk to my clients’ health or my own. (Channeling and oracle card readings are also available by email.)

I am not currently planning to offer any classes, workshops, or instruction in 2021. I thought long and hard about this one, because I know a number of practitioners reach potential clients and give added benefit through classes and workshops. For myself, I feel that I need to get a better handle on *how* I want to teach and then determine *what* I want to teach, so I’ll be working on that throughout 2021 and plan to resume offering Chios instruction, as well as other classes and workshops, in 2022. By which time hopefully I’ll be able to offer some in person!

I will be putting together resources for learning, though. Over the past few months, several people have asked, either in Facebook groups or directly to me, about connecting with their guides and learning to channel. That’s one thing about which I feel very called to create resources such as ebooks and videos, so I will be working on that and introducing the resources as they’re ready. That isn’t the only thing I’ll be creating, but it’s the most prominent in my mind right now.

Speaking of channeling, in May I will be releasing the first Messages from Shiva book, in digital form and hopefully print. This is a compilation of the daily channeled messages I share on Facebook, with some additional content and arranged by topic and theme. It’s my hope that this book will bring guidance and encouragement to those who purchase it. I’ll be sharing more info and some giveaways as the release gets closer!

I am continuing my inner work as well, and utilizing resources on trauma-informed coaching and other services so I can offer the most beneficial experiences to my clients.

It’s my hope to offer support and guidance to people navigating their way into the coming year and into their best lives. May 2021 bring us closer to the lives we desire and deserve!

Gender Inclusivity

I wanted to share this awesome interview I recently had with Lisa Marie Grantham about why it’s important to use gender-inclusive language, and some easy ways to be gender-inclusive.


For those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas.

Since Christmas is a holiday I celebrate at this time of year (along with Yule), I’m taking today off from blogging. I hope everyone has/had/will have a positive holiday season.

How I Do Oracle Card Readings

Oracle card readings, using my exclusive Seascapes Oracle deck, are one of the tools I offer to clients who are seeking to create and evolve into their best lives. These readings provide guidance and insight about the client’s life, or about specific issues or questions they have.

A number of practitioners offer oracle readings, and there are a number of ways to do a reading. I wanted to share how I do mine.

Right now, real-time readings are only done over Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, that’s no problem! As long as you have a computer or phone with video and a microphone, we’re good. I set up Zoom on my end and send you the link; at the time of our meeting, you click the link and you and I will be in a “room” where we can see and speak to each other. I can help with minor troubleshooting, or if you aren’t sure of the controls for things like your camera and microphone.

I’ve chosen to do the readings in Zoom because doing so gives me the option to record, and I want to be able to record the reading to send to the client for their reference. So you aren’t only getting half an hour of my time, you’re getting a recorded session to which you’ll be able to refer back as often as you’d like. However, if Zoom isn’t something you prefer to work with, I can also do the readings on Facebook video chat; this doesn’t allow for recording, but is easier to work with.

You’ll have chosen, at the time of scheduling and paying for your session, whether you want a 3-card reading or a 6-card. I recommend 3-card readings if you have a specific question; if you want general guidance, either a 3-card or a 6-card would be appropriate, though you would receive more information in a 6-card reading.

Once we’ve introduced ourselves and talked a little about why you’re having the reading, I pull the cards. I do this through energy; moving my hand over the deck, I feel “pulled” to certain cards. I have found that the first card I draw is usually the one the client needs to hear the most, though it may not be the one that most directly answers the question. 

I show you each card and read the message on it, and then expand on that message. My readings are mostly intuitive; while the messages on the cards are relevant, my intuition and my guides are what show me *how* they are relevant. The expansion includes how the card relates to your question or life, how it relates to the other cards in the reading, and what it might be suggesting in terms of next steps for your life or in the situation you’ve asked about.

After all of the cards have been read, you have time to ask questions for clarification or further expansion on the reading. During this time, I’ve found that some mindset coaching often happens, because thought and behavior patterns come to light that might be holding the client back. While I don’t offer coaching as a separate service, it tends to play a role in all of the services I offer; creating your best life includes recognizing what’s been holding you back from doing so.

After the reading is over, I’ll send you the link for the Zoom recording if we’ve done it on Zoom. For one week afterward, I’m available to you by email or Messenger to answer any additional questions or provide more clarification about the reading. (If you use Messenger to contact me, it won’t be a real-time conversation; it will be similar to emailing back and forth.) 

I also do email readings, which are three cards only. For an email reading, once I’ve received your question or request for a general reading, I pull the cards and send you an email that includes thumbnail images of each card, the cards’ messages, and a brief expansion as I do in a real-time reading. Email readings don’t include the discussion period afterward, and the expansion may not be as full as in a real-time reading, but you still have the one-week option to contact me for further clarification about the reading.

I would love to do a reading for you! Readings are by appointment. To schedule, Contact Us or visit the Readings page for more information. You have the option on that page to purchase a reading and have me contact you for scheduling.

What Are Oracle Readings For?

Oracle cards are a tool for receiving guidance and insight about your life. These cards include messages that give you encouragement or information about situations in your life, including things about yourself that might be holding you back.

When you’re figuring out the next steps in your life, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what will be in your best interests and highest benefit. We sometimes have trouble seeing this because of mindset issues or things from our pasts that are holding us back and keeping us from seeing clearly. 

Oracle cards can help clarify these things. The cards are objective, but at the same time, because energy is involved in the reading, the cards you draw or someone else draws for you will be relevant to your situation.

Oracle readings don’t tell the future. They aren’t meant as a predictive tool, though sometimes the cards’ messages are relevant to your near future rather than what’s going on with you right now. The cards also won’t tell you what to do; you aren’t likely to pull a card that says “It’s time to change jobs,” for example.

Instead, a card might give you a message such as “Change is coming, consider your options,” or “Meditate and you will find the answer.” Or it might encourage you with a message like “Through this dark time, trust that you’ll arrive in the light.” 

These cards are one tool that can help you clarify and plan the next steps to take as you work to create and evolve into your best life. You can buy your own oracle deck and pull cards for yourself, or have a reading done by someone else, or both. These readings won’t give you all the answers, but they will help you find the answers for yourself.

I’m now offering oracle card readings starting at $40 for an email reading or $50 for a real-time 3-card reading. Visit the Readings page or Contact Us to reserve your custom reading now using my exclusive Seascapes Oracle deck.

I Wanted an Oracle Deck…

In 2006, I was getting in touch with my spiritual side and with my gifts. Through that process, I discovered oracle cards.

Oracle cards are a divination tool. Generally, each card in a deck has a specific message, which is often printed on the card; the deck includes a guidebook that expands on the cards’ messages. Oracle cards are relatively easy to work with because, while you can certainly use your intuition and observation to interpret their meanings, you can also choose to just share the messages as written.

A wide variety of oracle decks exist. The number of cards in a deck varies from deck to deck, as does the theme and the messages. Unlike Tarot, which is always 78 cards with the same names and interpretations regardless of the theme of the deck, oracle cards don’t have to fit any set guidelines.

When I first became interested in oracle cards, I bought a deck, but something about it didn’t fully resonate for me. I felt drawn to create my own deck–so I did.

The first deck used digital art images created by my mentor, who gave me his permission to use them. The images gave their titles to the cards and were partial inspiration for the messages; however, I wrote the messages from my own intuition with contributions from my guides and from a collective of beings who introduced themselves to me as the Oracle Guides.

After a year or so, my relationship with my mentor dissolved, and with it went his permission to use his images. I retained the titles, because titles can’t be copyrighted, though I changed a few of them anyway. I also retained the messages, since I had written them in collaboration with the beings I worked with. However, my dream of publishing the deck went on the back burner for quite a while.

I did use the cards online to post “card of the day,” using stock images to replace the original pictures. But I wanted my own images, particularly as time went on and I started feeling drawn once again to publish the deck.

Over the summer of 2020, I was discussing the deck with my partner, who came up with what could have been a completely obvious solution: “Take pictures at the shore where you go for walks all the time.” That was a “duh” moment for me; I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it! That weekend, I spent a few hours at the shore taking pictures for my cards.

Within a week, I had reformatted the cards with the new images, and had christened it the Seascapes Oracle. I had two decks printed, one for my own use and one to loan out for reviews eventually. While publication of the deck is in the future (I’m hoping to have the process underway by this time next year), it is now ready for me to use to offer readings to clients.

Oracle readings are now available! I base the readings both on the cards’ messages and on my own intuition, and clients can request a general reading or ask a specific question. An email reading consists of three cards; I send an email with thumbnail pictures of each of the cards and a short paragraph about each message. Real-time readings are available over Zoom or Facebook video messenger, and can consist of three or six cards. A real-time reading lasts 20-30 minutes depending on number of cards.

If you’re interested in a reading, please Contact Us, or visit the Readings page for more information!