Sometimes it’s hard to believe that good things exist. That you deserve to recover or heal. That you can manage your life and your health.

Sometimes you feel lost or confused. You know something’s missing in your life, but you aren’t sure what or how to get it.

Sometimes you feel like your life is being written by other people and is out of your control. Like you want to write a new story for yourself, but you don’t believe you can.

You can control your life. You can write a new story for yourself. And I can help. Through Chios(R) Energy Healing, I can help improve your overall health and well-being. As a holistic mentor, I’ll help you uncover pieces of your life that you might want to change, and give you the tools and support to make those changes.

For more trauma recovery-focused mentoring, check out my A Story You Tell Yourself program, an 8-week program including meetings with me, readings and worksheets, and guided meditations to lead you into lessening the past’s impact on your present. A Story You Tell Yourself also includes two Chios(R) healing sessions.

Changing your life is always possible. Sometimes you just need someone to guide you.



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