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Within each of us lies the power to heal. To heal ourselves from our past experiences, and also to help others heal from theirs. Connecting with that inner power isn’t always easy, especially when it’s been obscured by trauma. Sometimes you need guidance and support to find the power within you and learn to work with it rather than fearing it. That’s where I and my guide, a being of light called Shiva, come in. Through channeling, a process in which a human and higher-level being connect to provide guidance and compassion, I bring Shiva’s messages to others by relaying what he has to say or enter trance to allow him to speak directly through me. 

I’ve been on my own journey of connecting with and embracing my inner power after years of living through traumatic situations that took away my sense of and belief in myself. In this journey, I’ve been supported by Shiva and my other guides, beings who have worked with me since childhood and even in previous lifetimes. Shiva and my other guides don’t predict the future or tell anyone what to do; they simply offer suggestions and encouragement to help us find the most beneficial course for our lives.

Through this work, I’ve gained tools and skills that have brought me growth and healing and have helped others embrace their inner power. I would love to share these abilities and tools with you to support your journey, whether you’re working to evolve into your best life or focusing on building a business that will better benefit you and those you serve.

My services include channeling for general guidance or guidance on your spiritually-based business, energy healing to clear the blocks and energetic damage from the past that may be holding you back, and oracle card readings to give you an idea of the best direction to take your life at this time. Coming soon, I will also offer consultation for spiritually-based entrepreneurs on creating a more gender-inclusive and/or trauma-informed practice as well as instruction in the Chios energy healing modality. Stay tuned for updates!

For a sample of my channeling, please scroll down to the video below.

To learn more about how I can support you, visit the Evolve Your Life or Evolve Your Business page. (Currently under construction; check back soon!)

Healing is possible. Growth is possible. And you have the power to do both. Let me help you embrace that power!


(Note: I am not a licensed medical or mental health professional and do not offer or claim to offer medical or psychological diagnoses or advice. Likewise, I am not qualified to offer legal advice. The services I offer are not intended to substitute for traditional medical, mental health, or legal services.)


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The RiverEvolutions YouTube channel is up and running! Visit the channel for videos to help you create and evolve into your best life. New videos every Thursday.
Oracle card readings are now available by Zoom or email! Visit the Readings page or Contact Me for more information!
In-person sessions will not be available until further notice due to the ongoing pandemic. In-person availability will resume when I feel safe in doing so and am able to do so while observing local health and safety regulations and restrictions.


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