Embrace the Power to Heal



You know there’s more for you than the life you’re living.

You feel powerless and hopeless.

You seek balance and compassion.

You know it’s time to change course but are unsure of how.

You’re ready to embrace the power you have to heal your life!




Let me support you!

All of us have the power to heal from our pasts and create more beneficial lives, but sometimes that power gets lost under piles of trauma, mistreatment, and harmful beliefs. This holds us back in our healing journey, leaving us uncertain of the best course to take in our lives.

Through my healing journey from trauma and abuse, I’ve gained tools and skills that have helped me uncover my light, gain clarity and direction, and embrace the power to heal and create a better life for myself. I would love to share these with you!

Chios® Energy Healing enables the clearing of blocks and restoration of flow through the energy system. This helps bring a sense of peace and clarity that can help you more clearly see the changes you want and need to make, as well as helping to remove the obstacles preventing you from making these changes. Energy healing can also contribute to a better overall sense of health and well-being.

Channeling is a process in which a human connects with a being of higher energetic vibration to receive wisdom, compassion, and guidance from a broader, nonjudgmental perspective. By channeling my guide, a being of light called Shiva, I offer my clients the opportunity to speak with him directly or through me to gain insight on what might be holding them back and how to begin the process of healing and change.

Oracle cards include messages of guidance and encouragement to help you navigate your life and specific situations. My oracle card readings include intuitive reading and information from my guides as well as the cards themselves.

Channeling sessions and oracle card readings are available on Zoom or Facebook video messenger, or you may request an email channeling or reading. Distance Chios® Energy Healing sessions, in which we meet by Zoom or Facebook video messenger for a consult before and after the healing portion of the session and are in different physical locations, are also available. All sessions for adults optionally include consultation/coaching time with me to help you identify thought and behavior patterns in your life that may be opposing you and help you make a plan for breaking free of those patterns.

For more information, please visit our Chios® Energy Healing, Readings, or Channeling page. (Please note that in-person sessions are unavailable until further notice owing to the pandemic.)

(Note: I am not a licensed medical or mental health professional and do not offer or claim to offer medical or psychological diagnoses or advice. The same goes for Shiva.)


Questions about me, my services, or how things work? Visit our our FAQ page or Contact Me!




Hi, I’m River Lightbearer

(Also known as Kim Ramsey-Winkler.) Since 2006, as a Certified Chios® Master Teacher and, since 2020, a Chios® Master of Healing Consciousness,  I’ve offered energy healing and alternative healing services to clients seeking an improvement in their overall health and well-being. I am also a trained channel, offering both relayed and trance channeling with my guide Shiva, and I hold a diploma in Life Coaching and certificates in Holistic Counseling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the School of Life Studies.

Through these practices, I’ve seen incredible results and healing progress for my clients.

Now, with RiverEvolutions, I’m excited to offer:

**Chios® distance healing sessions to clients around the world.**

**Video conference 60-minute or 30-minute channeling sessions.**

**Email channeling in which the client may ask up to 3 questions and receive a written response within 2 business days.**

**Video conference oracle card readings of 3 cards or 6, using my exclusive deck, the Seascapes Oracle.**

**Email oracle card readings of 3 cards, using the Seascapes Oracle deck.**


I’m experienced in working with people who are neurodivergent, those with touch aversion or sensory integration issues, and those with mental illnesses. As a survivor of abuse and trauma myself, I’m particularly sensitive to survivors’ needs and work to improve my trauma-informed approach to offering my services. I welcome people from the LGBTQIA community, and am open to, familiar with, and accepting of alternative lifestyles and relationship styles.



Visit our Channeling, Chios® Energy Healing, and Readings pages, or Contact Me!


Please note that I am not a doctor, lawyer, or mental health provider, and am not qualified to provide legal advice, medical services, or diagnoses. The services I offer are not intended to substitute for traditional medical or mental health treatment or legal assistance.




News and Announcements

The RiverEvolutions YouTube channel is up and running! Visit the channel for videos to help you create and evolve into your best life. New videos every Thursday.
Oracle card readings are now available by Zoom or email! Visit the Readings page or Contact Me for more information!
In-person sessions will not be available until further notice due to the ongoing pandemic. In-person availability will resume when I feel safe in doing so and am able to do so while observing local health and safety regulations and restrictions.


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