Every day is a chance for a new beginning.


Okay, it’s cliche. But it’s true. Every morning that you wake up is a fresh start. An opportunity to create a new life for yourself. You have that power, if you choose to accept it.

No matter what has occurred in your past, you are strong and powerful. Trauma or physical or mental illness might have convinced you otherwise, but those things don’t define you. Neither do other people’s opinions of you. You know who you are; they can’t change that. And you don’t have to change yourself to make them happy.

You can create the life you want to live. You can learn to live with trauma or illness, and to live beyond it. You can build and mend relationships that benefit you, and sever those that don’t. And most importantly, you can accept yourself for who you are. You have that power, and you deserve that life. And I can help.

I offer services in Chios® Energy Healing, holistic mentoring, and guided readings.

Chios® is based on the idea that everyone has an energy system made up of chakras and energetic layers. Traumas, injuries, and life in general can cause damage to the energy system, and that damage can perpetuate illnesses, pain, and the aftereffects of trauma. Through energy healing, the energy system is rebalanced, leading to better health and healing. Energy healing is not a substitute for regular medical or psychological/psychiatric care, but can enhance those things to help you lead a life to your higher benefit.

Holistic mentoring is my version of life coaching. I consider myself a facilitator and guide as we uncover the aspects of your life that most need change, and form and implement a plan to help you make those changes. As you learn more about yourself and begin the process of living a more beneficial life, I’ll be there to support you. Holistic mentoring can be an ongoing process, or you might choose to follow my six-week course “A Story You Tell Yourself,” in which we work on releasing aspects of your past that are holding you back.

Guided readings provide information gained from the higher being with whom I work, as well as my own abilities and your energy system. Guided readings are not intended to substitute for any professional care, nor is any of the information given guaranteed, and it should not be taken as a reason to go against your own instincts or the advice of your doctor or other professionals. However, the information might help you solidify decisions you’ve been considering. Or it might just provide you with entertainment. The choice is yours.

Take your power back. Be who you are, and love that person. I look forward to hearing from you.